California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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The Decal Page #2

Decals from Champ/Herald King/Microscale

for Cotton Belt and T&NO

As I am an HO modeler, this page will _initially_ be biased towards HO, but as I find other Scale's info, I will add them. Of course _you_ could always contribute, if you model other than HO, and have info to share, please e-mail me, Richard Percy


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Champion Decal Company Home Page

Champ - Cotton Belt/T&NO - HO
Sheet #RoadnameTypeColor/LengthScaleDecal Color
SHS-216Cotton BeltBoxcar - HOWhite
EH-26Cotton BeltSteam Loco - HOWhite
EH-93Cotton BeltDiesel Road Locos - HOWhite
HG-149T&NOGondolaRed CarHO -
HN-29Cotton BeltRoadname Set - HOWhite
HN-32T&NORoadname Set - HOWhite
HN-102Cotton BeltRoadname Set - HOBlack
HN-104T&NORoadname Set - HOBlack

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Champ - Cotton Belt/T&NO - O
Sheet #RoadnameTypeColor/LengthScaleDecal Color
E-26Cotton BeltSteam Loco - OWhite
E-93Cotton BeltDiesel Road Locos - OWhite
OG-209T&NOGondolaRed CarO -
N-29Cotton BeltRoadname Set - OWhite
N-32T&NORoadname Set - O White
N-102Cotton BeltRoadname Set - OBlack
N-104T&NORoadname Set - OBlack

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This is a listing I compiled from the 1991 Herald King HO catalog

Herald King - Cotton Belt - HO
NumberRoadnameTypeColor/LengthEraDecal Color
B-570Cotton BeltBoxcarTuscan 50'1974Wh/Yel
B-571Cotton BeltBoxcarTuscan 50'1974Wh/Yel
B-572Cotton BeltBoxcarTuscan 40'1967Wh/Yel
B-573Cotton BeltBoxcarTuscan 50'1971Wh/Yel
C-570Cotton BeltCabooseRed1980White
H-571Cotton BeltCov. HopperGrey1977Black
L-570Cotton BeltDiesel Hood UnitsBlood Nose1984White

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This is a listing I copied from the Microscale Decals Home Page valid 21st May 1996

Microscale - Cotton Belt - HO
NumberRoadnameTypeEraN Scale
87-11Cotton Belt Diesel Locos.60-70Yes
87-38Cotton Belt Box Car 50' Double Door50-60Yes
87-201Cotton Belt Diesel Black Widow50-60Yes
87-219Cotton Belt Freight All1970Yes
87-227Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Cabooses 40-80Yes
87-322Cotton Belt Hopper 70T Pullman Std. 2 Bay 60-70-
87-447Cotton Belt Blood Nose Diesel Locos. w/data1980Yes
87-472Cotton Belt Flat Cars 4 & 8 Pack P1980Yes
87-495Cotton Belt Trailer 40'1980Yes
87-503Cotton Belt Hopper 50' 100 Ton Airslide1985Yes
87-687Cotton Belt Auto Racks 1980s-
87-835Cotton Belt Diesel Bicentennials1975-80Yes

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