California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Old Southern Pacific Employee Records

Genealogical Research

I can in no way help you with anything to do with finding and/or accessing old Southern Pacific Employee records, or genealogical research to do with ex Southern Pacific Employees.

Bear in mind that Employee Records/Information were, and still are confidential.

One source may be U.S. Railroad Retirement Board

Requests for genealogical information should be sent directly to:

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board
Office of Public Affairs
844 North Rush Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611-2092.

The following sources have been provided to discussion forums in the past. These may or may not be of help to you, and are given with no guarantee of success...

Start with the employee records in the California State Railroad Museum Library. Be sure you ask for the (CSRM) LIBRARY.

  • California State Railroad Museum Library
  • Email: *
    * Your comments and questions are important to us and we will
    respond to them as soon as possible. Email messages received by the
    Webmaster are forwarded to appropriate staff for reply. Please note
    that not every office or program has Internet/email access. In order for
    the Museum to respond to your questions and concerns, please include
    a phone number and a mailing address in all correspondence sent to us
    via email.

There may be other sources, these will be listed when known.

As Union Pacific now owns what was Southern Pacific, try their website for information on what/where old records they may have inherited went.

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