California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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For Southern Pacific fans

A discussion list devoted to the Southern Pacific Railroad (aka "Espee") and it's many subsidiaries including the St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt), Northwestern Pacific, and Texas & New Orleans.

Espee list rules and regs...

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The espee_forever group is: This group is for lovers of the Southern Pacific RR or 'Espee' TODAY and represents the 'current' and former SP, SSW and D&RGW.; Other sites have prohibited the continuing coverage of the SP today. Within this group, content regarding UP is permitted IF IT SOMEHOW RELATES TO THE ESPEE (see RULES). Please keep UP content that can be discussed on other groups to a minimum. Feel free to add photos in both prototype and model form. Add comments and/or questions in the 'message' section.

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The Southern Pacific group is:
devoted to the pre-1960 SP Railroad. This includes predecessors Central Pacific, etc., as well as PFE, PE, SSW, T&NO and all other Pacific line subsidiaries. All steam era and diesel transition era discussions are suitable. Discussions may also include scale modeling topics which pertain to the SP. Flaming will not be tolerated and will be strictly enforced. Lively discussions, of course, are acceptable but personal attacks will result in warning or suspension from the group.

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For Cotton Belt fans.

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For Texas & New Orleans fans

The TNO list covers the history and operations of the Texas and Louisiana Lines of the Southern Pacific Railroad and its many predecessor lines (Texas & New Orleans; Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio; Houston & Texas Central; San Antonio & Aransas Pass, etc.). Topics after the T&NO's merger into the SP are welcome too, as long as it relates to the former T&NO area of Texas and Louisiana.

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