California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific
'Southern Pacific'
Class SP-1

16 units built

Schenectady built
5000 5001 5002 5003 5004 5005 5006 5007 5008 5009
5010 5011 5012 5013 5014 5015

All delivered in 1925, these were originally bought for dual service on the Sacramento Division or "The Hill" the mountain line over the Sierra Nevada or Donner Pass.

They were good for fast service with 12 passenger cars, lesser service with 14 Pullmans and managed 17 cars eastbound on the lesser western grade.

After straightening one too many curve they were reassigned to the Western, San Joaquin, Portland and Los Angeles Divisions where the number of curves was less. On these districts they were mainly used for drag freights and helper service.

In the last years of steam they were seen in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, El Paso and Tucson.

They were delivered with an exhaust splitter smokestack, piston valve extension covers, only one sand dome, bell behind the stack, a Franklin C-1 booster on the Delta trailing truck and a Worthington 4B feed-water heater. The booster added 12,340 pounds of extra tractive effort to the all ready 84,200 pounds of tractive effort.

In time the bell was relocated on the smokebox top front, a clamshell smoke deflector replaced the exhaust splitter and a second sand dome was installed on some. All but 7 SP-1's lost their boosters in late 40's early 50's and the some got the feed-water heater replaced with a Worthington 4¼BL.

Some SP-1's may have had the main driver changed to a LFM Universal Disc driver.

#5000 was delivered with a 120-C-4 tender, #5001-5015 were delivered with 120-C-5 tenders.

The 120-C-4 tender #8694 fitted to #5000 was unique, similar to a 120-C-3 except a platform and short ladder behind the oil tank.

In 1929-1930 they received 160-C-2 tenders.

They always remained on the Pacific Lines and were never renumbered

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