California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific TE70-4S

SP 7030 - 7033

4 units delivered

MK TE70-4S brochure

rear view shot
All 4 TE70-4S in the Brooklyn Roundhouse
© 1985, 1997 Stan A. Rothwell - in storage in Oakland, CA in July 1992.
MK TE70-4S Builders Plate
TE70-4S #7030 and partners
TE70-4S #7032 - Brain Paul Ehni
Jim Hanrahan scans of Gene McKinley's slides.

In 1977, SP sold 4 written off U25B's to Morrison Knudsen, for re-engining with Swiss built Sulzer 3000hp (derated to 2800 hp) V-12's. Not much was reused, only the trucks, traction motors, frame, main generator, cab and nose. The long hood was rebuilt 10 inches higher, and 4 inches wider to take the Sulzer engine, looking like a GP30 over the cab roof area.

When released from MK, these units had a variation on the Daylight paint. The color scheme was an experimental variation designed by Chester Mack in 1978. Nicknamed 'Popsicles' - Microscale has a decal sheet - 60-186 or 87-186 for the 'Popsicle' TE 70-4S paint scheme.

Had these units been successful, Espee had in mind rebuilding about 50 written off U25B's, as it turned out, they were not totally successful, and were set aside as soon as the economy got tough, in the early 1980's.

I am not aware of any Plans having been published - however, check out the MK Brochure...


  • Railfan & Railroad Apr, '88, Page 42 - 14 Pages of pure heaven, all about SP U25B's with Roster. Includes color cover and color shot on page 51 of TE 70-4S's, as well as Bicentennial's and TEBU's.
  • Rail Classics July 1978 page 33 has a color photo of the TE70-4's dated Feb 1978.
  • SP Dieselization Page 390, has a color photo of the TE704's in the 'Popsicle' scheme. dated June 1979.
  • Railfan & Railroad April 1988 has a color cover shot of the TE70-4's, and another color shot on page 51.
  • SP 1995 Motive Power Annual Page 6 - black and white head-on shot dated 1978.
  • Southern Pacific Historic Diesels, Volume 5, GE U Series Locomotives - by Joe Strapac.

Additional info for this page provided by Harry Wong.

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