NW2 Diesel Switcher Detail images

ex-Southern Pacific 1423 has been cosmetically and mechanically restored and repainted to her as-delivered Tiger Stripe paint scheme by the Pacific Locomotive Association. The locomotive has been in regular passenger service for the past 3 years now on the Niles Canyon Railway at Sunol, CA. The locomotive was donated to the PLA by Parr Terminal RR, now Richmond Pacific Railroad, Richmond, CA.

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(C) Johnathon Kruger
Mechanical Department
Niles Canyon Railway

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1423_01_sp-nw2-nose-jonathon_kruger - 1423_12_sp-nw2-bell-jonathon_kruger 1010K 12
1423_13_sp-nw2-hood-top-jonathon_kruger - 1423_17_sp-nw2-builders-plate-jonathon_kruger 362K 5

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