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Contributions of photo's and scans of a Southern Pacific nature are always welcome. There are plenty of gaps to fill...
Scanned images of 800 x 600 x 100k (or thereabouts in .jpg format) can be accepted to either email address,
or you can snail mail photographs to me for scanning, email me for details.


Sub-Folder List
Sample Image Folder Name Folder Size Picture Count
The first EMD SD7 1062K 10
T-31 Class Ten-Wheeler Walkaround 757K 18
2467 271K 8
The 4449 Photo Collection 3859K 54
The 4449 Photo Collection
in 1943 'Warbaby' paint
1589K 24
C-50-9 photo album 1493K 8
GE B23-7 Walkaround 812K 6
GE B30-7 Walkaround 835K 15
GE B39-8 Detail images 888K 8
Southern Pacific's Bayshore Yard 7174K 49
C-30-4 Caboose Photo Collection 1309K 12
C-30-4 Caboose Walkaround 324K 6
C-30-5 Caboose Photo Collection 3479K 28
C-30-6 Caboose Photo Collection 999K 12
C-30-6 Caboose Walkaround 1528K 12
C-40-1 Caboose Photo Collection 1721K 13
C-40-1 Caboose Photo Walkaround 267K 10
C-40-3 Caboose Photo Collection 4154K 39
C-40-4 Caboose Photo Collection 5325K 40
C-40-4 Caboose Walkaround 156K 5
C-40-4 (rebuilt) Caboose Walkaround 691K 12
C-40-5 Caboose Photo Collection 790K 8
C-40-6 Caboose Photo Collection 691K 6
C-40-7 Caboose Photo Collection 591K 7
C-40-8 Caboose Photo Collection 503K 6
C-40-9 Caboose Photo Collection 911K 11
C-50-2 Caboose Photo Collection 716K 5
C-50-3 Caboose Photo Collection 792K 10
C-50-4 Caboose Photo Collection 1858K 21
C-50-5 Caboose interior Photo Collection 1188K 9
C-50-5 Caboose Photo Collection 1956K 16
C-50-7 Caboose Photo Collection 1313K 15
C-50-8 Caboose Photo Collection 922K 11
C-50-9 Caboose interior Photo Collection 1368K 25
C-50-9 Caboose Photo Collection 5291K 52
C-50-9 Caboose Walkaround 495K 7
C-50-10 Caboose Photo Collection 1390K 12
C-50-10 Caboose Walkaround 911K 9
California State Railroad Museum 339K 3
DRGW EMD GP40-2 Walkaround 1430K 18
Ferry Postcards 182K 3
Southern Pacific Freight Car Images 3560K 50
EMD F-Unit Detail images 663K 11
EMD GP9 Detail images 1022K 14
EMD GP38-2 Detail images 1501K 19
EMD GP38-2 Walkaround 258K 9
EMD GP40P-2 Walkaround 2390K 30
EMD GP60 Walkaround 506K 9
Kodachrome Locomotive Index 12974K 0
Los Angeles General Shops - shop switcher 430K 6
EMD MP15AC Walkaround 5675K 26
NW2 Diesel Switcher Detail images 1373K 17
Repeater Air Car Detail images 605K 12
Southern Pacific Brass RDC Detail images 2990K 55
scenic 5492K 59
EMD/MK SD40M-2 Detail Images 2025K 19
EMD SD40M-2 Detail images 1027K 12
EMD SD40T-2 Detail images 430K 6
EMD SD45R Walkaround 626K 10
EMD SD45T-2 Detail images 951K 14
EMD SD70M Walkaround 1139K 22
EMD SD7R and SD9E Detail images 1839K 26
EMD SDP45 Walkaround 839K 16
EMD/GE 4 axle Yard Slug Photo Collection 570K 8
Assorted Southern Pacific MOW Vehicles 4422K 50
SP Action around St.Louis 1322K 11
Sugar Beet Gondola Detail Collection 2250K 9
EMD SW1500 Walkaround 1423K 15
Southern Pacific and Misc. Tankcars Images 1986K 24
TEBU Walkaround 1821K 18
Southern Pacific Fairbanks Morse
(H-24-66) Train Master Walkaround
2907K 51

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