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EMD GP60's
Jim Griffin
EMD GP60's

5 Geeps
James Griffin
7:25 AM on 8/17/96, at Cotopaxi. Five GP40's, led by SSW 7286 and SP 7298, both in Helvetica.

James Griffin
snoot #8324, still in original paint, leading 4 units and a whole lot of grain cars. 8/17/96 at Cotopaxi, CO.

Cajon Pass
Jesse Koski
© 1998 Jesse Koski. SD70M's #9814 and 9807 with an unknown SD45 (perhaps an MK rebuild), work their train through Cajon Pass on March 9th 1998.

EMD GP35R and GP38-2
Lee Gautreaux
This was Morgan City Turn stopped at Schriever (M.P. 55.0) near a borrow pit with a nice reflection.

Lee Gautreaux
at Lafayette, Louisiana.

Meet at Soldier Summit
Lowell Amrine
The famous 'fast and frequent' operating philosophy of the Denver & Rio Grande Western was no place to be found that rainy July morning in 1990 at the top of Soldier Summit. What was plainly evident atop that historic grade was the hand of the Southern Pacific. The 9149 was in no position to deny its heritage any more than the three it leads, all ex-patriots of the mighty SP. More even than the gray and red SD40R and the SD45T trailing the home road 40Ts, however, the consist of this lengthy drag betrayed that it was assembled in Roseville. Also akin to the SP were the two GPs shoving against the EOD so far back down the mountain that the rain passed by before they did.

Lowell Amrine
On an autumn evening 1977, what was a most common consist is shown working mixed tonnage north toward Taylor Yard along the east bank of the Los Angeles River. All are gone of course, but not in the order one might have thought. The 6534, a GP35, was the first to go when it was wrecked and vacated from the roster the following year. The SD7, number 1435, emerged from rebuilding in January 1980 as the 1513. Retired twelve years later, a cutting torch in Spokane, Washington ended its thirty-nine year career. The U25B, number 6744, will be retired in 1979, then rebuilt as TEBU 1604 in 1981, lasting until 1994.

GP's at Colton
Lowell Amrine
When the Union Pacific acquired the Western Pacific, they dispersed a fair number of the latter road's fleet around their system, making this image possible. Green and orange GP35s 3013 and 3012 are tied down in "the pass" at Colton, California, while crossing the mainline beyond are SW1500s 2503 and 2621 returning to West Colton with interchange cars from the facilitator of this odd meeting.

Beet Train in San Timoteo
Lowell Amrine
Their trucks awash in a haze of brake shoe smoke, a string of loaded sugar beet-gons follow a trio GP40-2s down San Timoteo Canyon between El Casco and Ordway.

Gibson, CA.
Lowell Amrine
© 1981, 2000. SP freight in 1983, alongside the Sacramento River at Gibson, CA. Gibson is the third siding south (timetable west) from Dunsmuir, California on the East Valley Line of the old Sacramento Division (in SP days).

Monterey Park
Lowell Amrine
© 1981, 2000. Cresting the hill at Monterey Park between the lanes of Interstate 10, SD40T-2 number 8306 in concert with an SD35, SD45T-2, and two SD9s spliced by a GP9 drag westbound tonnage into Los Angeles, California. This ten mile segment of the Pacific Electric's San Bernardino Line between State Street and El Monte became the Espee's State Street Line. Today the track belongs to Metrolink.

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