Meet at Soldier Summit

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Subject's NameMeet at Soldier Summit
PhotographerLowell Amrine
DescriptionThe famous 'fast and frequent' operating philosophy of the Denver & Rio Grande Western was no place to be found that rainy July morning in 1990 at the top of Soldier Summit. What was plainly evident atop that historic grade was the hand of the Southern Pacific. The 9149 was in no position to deny its heritage any more than the three it leads, all ex-patriots of the mighty SP. More even than the gray and red SD40R and the SD45T trailing the home road 40Ts, however, the consist of this lengthy drag betrayed that it was assembled in Roseville. Also akin to the SP were the two GPs shoving against the EOD so far back down the mountain that the rain passed by before they did.

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Meet at Soldier Summit/Richard Percy/

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