Beet Train at West Colton

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Subject's NameBeet Train at West Colton
PhotographerLowell Amrine
Description© 1980, 2000. Back in 1966, Southern Pacific bestowed eight GP40s on subsidiary Cotton Belt as an after thought to their own order for more than ten times as many SD versions. These eight were not as well thought of as their six axle counterparts and at the first sign of a turndown in traffic would be leased out to anyone who would take them. Although the beet rush was not a normal haunt for these units, the 7602 passed through the familiar landscape of West Colton out front of an eclectic six-axle trio that July 1980 day in route from California's Imperial Valley to the Santa Maria Valley. Ironically, the GP has out lived both the railroad and the beet gons, rebuilt to SSW 7961. The U30C was not as lucky going first to a dead line in Los Angeles, then a scrap yard.
[Note: UP Computer trace show SSW 7961 assigned Fresno, CA 02/25/00]

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SP Beet Train at West Colton, CA./Richard Percy/

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