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The Argonaut

1958 SP Passenger Timetable

This information has been compiled from postings to the SP Mailing list by Jim Lancaster.

SP Passenger Train Consists - Argonaut #5-6

SP Equipment Circular #14 issued October 1, 1954
Argonaut #5Argonaut #6
Car typeRoutingCar typeRouting
ExpressAtlanta-Los Angeles
Mail & ExpressLos Angeles-San Antonio
(sealed, daily except Sunday)
Mail ApartmentEl Paso-Los AngelesForeign Stor. MailLos Angeles-New Orleans
Storage MailFort Worth-Los Angeles
30 RPOLos Angeles-El Paso
Mail & ExpressSan Antonio-Los AngelesBaggage & ExpressLos Angeles-Houston
Storage MailHouston-Los AngelesBaggage & ExpressLos Angeles-New Orleans
Baggage & ExpressNew Orleans-Los AngelesBaggage & ExpressLos Angeles-Atlanta
ChairNew Orleans-Los AngelesChairLos Angeles-New Orleans
Partition ChairNew Orleans-Los AngelesPartition ChairLos Angeles-New Orleans
ChairNew Orleans-Los AngelesChairLos Angeles-New Orleans
ChairNew Orleans-Los AngelesChairLos Angeles-New Orleans
DinerNew Orleans-Los AngelesDinerLos Angeles-New Orleans
LoungeNew Orleans-Los AngelesLoungeLos Angeles-New Orleans
8-5 SleeperNew Orleans-Los Angeles8-5 SleeperLos Angeles-New Orleans
10-1-2 SleeperNew Orleans-Los Angeles10-1-2 SleeperLos Angeles-New Orleans
10-1-2 SleeperSan Antonio-Los Angeles10-1-2 SleeperLos Angeles-New Orleans

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