California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Maintenance of Way equipment can be considered to be any piece of equipment that is not 'Revenue' equipment; that is, it is not directly involved in carrying or hauling something for a profit. Although ultimately everything about the Railroad was used to make money.

Shop Switchers were part of the MoW pool:

Later diesels were also used as Shop Switchers:

The snowfighting equipment was probably the most well known:

Vehicles figured prominently in SP's inventory:

But there were many other items, some eclectic:

and some which are linked here, because while not officially listed as MoW equipment, they probably should have been:

MOW exPassenger Car Photo's on this site:
Harriman 'Caboose'
SPMW 5440 SPMW 5810 Toolcar SPMW 5810 Toolcar
SPMW 6028 SPMW 6736 SPMW 6738
SPMW 6748 SPMW xxxx
SPMW 6772 SPMW 7072 SPMW 7072
SPMW 7077 SPMW 7077 SPMW 7077
SPMW 7078 SPMW 7078
SPMW 7112 SPMW 7112 SPMW 7112
SPMW 7118 SPMW 7118
SPMW 7185 SPMW 7186
Daylight relief train SPMW Car SPMW Car


  • Southern Pacific Lines Maintenance of Way Equipment by Bruce Petty

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