California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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ALCo 4 Axle Model Pages
Data Only SP HH660
Data Only SP S1 Data Only T&NO S1 Model ImageSP S2 Data Only T&NO S2
Model ImageSP S3 Model ImageSP S4 Data Only T&NO S4 Model ImageSP S6
Model ImageSP C-415 Model ImageSSW RS-3 Model ImageSP RS-11 Model ImageSP RS-32

Baldwin/FM 4 Axle Model Pages
Data OnlySP VO-660 Data OnlySP VO-1000 Model ImageSSW VO-1000 Data OnlySSW S-10
Data OnlySP S-10 Model ImageSP S-12 Data OnlyT&NO S-12 Model ImageSP FM H12-44

EMD 4 Axle Switcher Loco Model Pages
Model ImageSP EMD Yard Slugs Model ImageSP NW2 Data only SP NW2E Model ImageSSW NW2
Model ImageSP SW1 Model ImageSSW SW7 Model ImageSP TR6 Model ImageSP SW8
Data only T&NO SW8 Data only T&NO SW9 Data only SSW SW9 Data only SP SW900
Data only SP SW900E Model ImageSP SW1200 Model ImageSSW SW1200 Model ImageSP SW1500
Data only SSW SW1500 Model ImageSP MP15DC Model ImageSP MP15AC

EMD 4 Axle Road Loco Model Pages
Data Only SSW FTA/FTB Data Only SSW F7A/F7B Model ImageSSW FP7
Data Only SP F3A/F3B Data Only SP F7A Data Only SP F7B
Data OnlyT&NO F3A/F3B Data OnlyT&NO F7A/F7B Data OnlyT&NO F9Am/F9Bm
Model ImageSP FP7 Model ImageSSW GP7
Data OnlyT&NO Pass. GP9 Data OnlyT&NO GP9
Data OnlySP GP9 Model ImageSSW GP9
Data OnlySP Pass. GP9 Data OnlySP GP9E Data OnlySSW GP9E
Data OnlySP GP9 switchers Data OnlySP unrebuilt GP9 Data OnlySP GP20
Data OnlySP GP20E/R Data OnlySSW GP20 Data OnlySSW GP20R
Data OnlySP GP30 Data OnlySSW GP30
Data OnlySP GP35 Data OnlySSW GP35 Data OnlySP GP35R
Model ImageSP/SSW GP35R Model ImageSP GP38-2
Model ImageSSW GP40 Data OnlySSW GP40R
Model ImageSP GP40-2 Data Only SSW GP40-2
Data OnlySP GP40P-2 Model ImageSP GP40X Model ImageSP/SSW GP40M-2
Model ImageSP GP60 Data OnlySSW GP60

GE 4 Axle Model Pages
Model ImageSP GE 44-ton Model ImageSP GE 70-Ton Model ImageSP TEBU's
Model ImageSP U25B Data Only SP U25BE Data Only SP U28B Data Only SP TE 70-4S
Model ImageSP B23-7 Model ImageSP B30-7 Data Only SSW B30-7
Data Only SP B36-7 Model ImageSSW B36-7 Model ImageSP B39-8 Model ImageSSW B40-8

ALCo 6 Axle Model Pages
Data Only SP ALCo Yard Slug Model Image SP RSD5 Model Image SSW RSD5 Data Only TNO RSD5
Model Image SP RSD12 Model Image SP RSD15 Model Image SSW RSD15
Model Image SP C-628 Model Image SP C-630 Model Image SP DH-643
Model Image SP PA/PB Model Image SSW PA1 Data Only TNO PA1

EMD 6 Axle Model Pages
Data OnlySP E-2A Model ImageSP E-7 Model ImageSP E-7 Golden State
Model ImageSP E-8 Model ImageSP E-9
Model ImageSP DD35 SP SD24
Model ImageSP SD7 Data OnlySP SD7R
Model ImageSP SD9 Model ImageSP SD9 (1965) Model ImageSP SD9E
Model ImageSD35 Data OnlySD35E Data OnlySP SD35R
Model ImageSP SD38-2 Model ImageSP SD39
Model ImageSP SD40 Model ImageSP SD40R Data OnlySP SD40M-2
Model ImageSP SD40T-2 Model ImageSSW SD40T-2
Model ImageSP SD44R
Model ImageSP SD45 Model ImageSP SD45R Data OnlySSW SD45
Data OnlySP SD45T-1 Model ImageSP SD45T-2 Model ImageSSW SD45T-2
Model ImageSP SD45T-2R Model ImageSP SDP45 Data OnlySP SD45X
Model ImageSP SD50 Model ImageSP SD70M

I know, I know, the use of SD45T-1 when referring to Elephant eared SD45's is severely frowned upon by the SP Proto Police -- but I honestly couldn't think of a shorter designation to fit the format of the page. I'm expecting an unpleasant visit anytime now...

Baldwin/GE/FM/KM/MK 6 Axle Model Pages
Data OnlySP
Data OnlyT&NO
Data OnlySP
Data OnlySP
Data OnlyT&NO
Model ImageSP AS-616 Data OnlySP AS-616B Data OnlySSW
Model ImageSP U28C Model ImageSP U30C Model ImageSP U33C Model ImageSP U50
Data OnlySP C44-9W Data OnlySP AC4400 Model ImageSP AC6000 Model ImageSP
FM H24-66
Data OnlySP exFM
Brake Sled
Model ImageSP KM ML-4000 Model ImageSP Camera Car exKM ML-4000 Data OnlySP MK5000C

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