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Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt

Caboose Magazine Article Index

The best ever reference for SP Steel Cabooses is the 1981 Southern Pacific Motive Power Review by Joe Strapac.
Included is an article entitled 'S.P. Steel Cabooses, 1937 - 1981'.
This covers the history, numbering, rebuilding, too many photo's to count and has plans for a couple of cabooses.

As the list of references I have is rather small, they are listed by date. As always, these lists may not be accurate, but are presented in good faith. E&OE.

First is a list of the Plans I have in my possession, followed by a list that was generated by my Index-on a-Disk [current to 1992 - I shall have to get the Update].

: Cotton Belt Caboose Articles :

  • Model Railroader Oct. 1986 Page 90 - Scratchbuild / wood/cupola.

  • Model Railroading Dec. 1991 Page 22 - Brass bashing a Combine (Drover?) Caboose Part #1

  • Model Railroading Jan. 1992 Page 22 - Brass bashing a Combine (Drover?) Caboose Part #2

  • RailModel Journal Oct. 1995 Page 27 - International Car WV Caboose article, SSW photograph, and detail differences to model SSW unit from Atlas.

: Southern Pacific Caboose Articles :

  • Railroad Model Craftsman Nov. 1989 Page 63 - Kitbashed SP Bay Windows

Listing of Articles by Magazine - up to 1992 - Actual Content Unknown - By Date.

  • Railroad Model Craftsman Mar. 1939 Page 14 - SP wood Caboose Plans

  • Model Railroader July 1948 Pages 456 thru 459 - 'Crummies' by C.F.Wiley, photographs by LaMar M. Kelley. 1/4" scale Cotton Belt Plans by J.H.Geissel of a side door truss rod model.

  • Railroad Model Craftsman Jul. 1960 Page 47 - Cotton Belt Photograph

  • Railroad Model Craftsman Jul. 1961 Page 59 - SP caboose drawings

  • Mainline Modeler Sep. 1986 Page 22 - C-50-9 Plans

  • Mainline Modeler Jun. 1994 Page 77 - SP 30ft wood caboose

See also:

  • Model Railroader Jun. 1974 Page 35 - International Car Co. - WV caboose Plans, inc. interior plans/drawings

  • Trains April 1987 Page 16 - Photo of SP Bay Window caboose #4726 in Kodachrome paint !!

Additional material this page courtesy Byron Bostwick.

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