California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific Passenger Train ConCor Protoypes

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Roy Wullich wrote:
> I had an inquiry from a friend who's not online re: Con-Cor HO gauge
> 85' passenger cars and if they are protypically correct/accurate for
> SP or any other road. Does anyone know what road(s) the cars would be
> applicable for?

Jim Lancaster supplied this 'short' reply:

The Con-Cor 85' cars are a mix of Santa Fe cars (baggage, coach, diner, dome lounge, observation) and WP-D&RGW-CB&Q California Zephyr cars (dome coach, dome observation, 10-6 sleeper) but not accurate models of any of these, e.g., skirts are wrong for Zephyr cars. The slumbercoach is patterned after a CB&Q or NP car, but again, rather loosely. No SP cars in the group.

Jim Lancaster.

Tom Cockle supplied the 'long' answer:

The Con-Cor 85' cars have several different prototypes (at least nominally):

Baggage: No actual prototype--was taken from the Santa Fe Plan Book, but those plans had several errors, and car is actually a hybrid among several prototypes.

Coach: Also taken from Santa Fe Plan Book--but pretty close to Budd-built ATSF 3139 class, with addition of corrugated letterboard and roof.

Diner: Also taken from Santa Fe Plan Book--fairly accurate for ATSF 600 class diners (used on Super Chief only)

Regular Dome: Also taken from Santa Fe Plan Book--fairly accurate for ATSF 500 class dome lounges--the fabled "Pleasure Dome-Turquoise Room" cars used on Super Chief only.

Regular Observation: Also taken from Santa Fe Plan Book--reasonably accurate for ATSF 3197, a one-of-a-kind car.

Slumbercoach: Standard Budd design, used by several roads

Dome Observation: Budd-built California Zephyr car 'probably of CB&Q heritage' courtesy Jim Fitch

10-6 Pullman: Budd-built design, has window pattern of California Zephyr cars, but similar to Budd-built sleepers of other roads also. This car is also a useful starting point to building the SP Research and Test car #252, which was an exCalifornia Zephyr 10-6 Sleeping Car.

Budd Dome: California Zephyr dome coach

To answer your primary question, none of these cars is accurate for SP. The coach, diner, regular observation, and 10-6 Pullman might be used as "stand-ins" for SP cars, but the others are nothing like anything SP.

Tom Cockle.

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