California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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14 units delivered

5100 5101 5102 5103 5104 5105 5106 5107 5108 5109
5110 5111 5112 5113

5100 was delivered as 5104 and later renumbered

text to follow...

Modeling choices at the moment are:

  • For N Scale:
    • Arnold once made a GP7/9
    • Atlas have released a GP9 that could be backdated.
    • LifeLike made a GP18 that could be backdated.
  • For HO Scale:
    • Athearn unit has a GP7 and a 'fatso', ( but if your not fussy, it's a proven unit), that could be modified.
    • Front Range GP9's (that need backdating) are still available from various suppliers. Trains Unlimited with Athearn compatible chassis, and Proto-Power West are two that I know of.
    • A LifeLike GP18 could be backdated to a GP7 - some parts from Detail Assoc. are available.
    • LifeLike has released a GP9, that could be backdated.
    • Atlas Classic GP7.
  • In S Scale:
    • American Flyer
    • American Models perhaps a GP9
  • In O Scale:
    • Red Caboose made a GP9, and available in Black Widow, that could be backdated.
    • Lionel also made a GP7.

Lionel information kindly supplied by Britt Johnson

Prototype References:

  • SP.....into the '90's by Joe.W.Shine, Pages 138 - 141. Has photo's of these units.
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