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Southern Pacific 86' Box cars

GSC built #616542

According to D. Scott Chatfield's article in the RMJ list below, there were 5 builders of 86ft box cars;

Bob Allessi has informed me that Whitehead and Kales built #615200, the only one they ever built; and it was one of the first 3 hycubes built for any railroad.

  • Despatch Shops
  • Greenville
  • Paccar
  • Pullman Standard
  • Thrall

SP and SSW owned cars from five: Whitehead & Kales, Paccar, Pullman, Thrall and Greenville.

See the SP Freight Car Spec. Sheet No.17 for earlier numbers and details.

From the Spec. Sheet, magazine articles and Lee Gautreaux's website; I have tried to make an educated guess as to the number series and builder...
now with more and corrected information supplied by Bob Allessi.

# seriesclassdetails
SP 615200 ? built by Whitehead & Kales
SP 615201-615269 B-70-19 built by Paccar 1964
SP 615270-615272 B-70-39 built by Thrall 1967
SP 615500-615549 B-70-21 built by Thrall 1964
SP 616500-616506 B-100-19 built by GSC 1968
SP 616507-616521 B-100-22 built by GSC 1969
SP 616522-616531 B-100-24 built by GSC 1969
SP 616532-616553 B-70-54 built by GSC 1970
SP 616554-616561 B-70-55 built by GSC 1970
SSW 65000-65030* B-70-19 built by Paccar 1964
SSW 65031-65040 B-70-21 built by Thrall 1964
SSW 65041-65090 B-100-16 built by Pullman Standard, Lot 9275A
SSW 65091-65103 B-100-26 built by GSC 1970
SSW 65200-65223 B-70-19R built by Paccar 1964, rebuilt 1979-80
* SP reckon they had 31 of these, other texts say only 30 i.e. 65001-65030
Paccar built
(C) Ken Perry - SSW B-100-26 #65096

Modeling choices at the moment are:

  • For N Scale:
    • Arnold - Greenville (stand-in)
    • Atlas/Concor - Thrall
    • Walthers - Pullman 4-door and 8-door
  • For HO Scale:
    • Athearn - Greenville 4-door
    • Athearn - Thrall 8-door smoothside
    • Walthers - Pullman 4-door and 8-door
  • For O Scale:
    • ?


  • Railmodel Journal January 1994 pages 44-45 - Athearn kit mechanical upgrade by D. Scott Chatfield.
  • Railmodel Journal January 1994 pages 32-39 - general history and photos of 86' box cars, includes SP info.
  • Railmodel Journal August 1999 pages 36-42 - Pullman Standard 86ft box car article, including SP info by D. Scott Chatfield.
  • Railmodel Journal February 2000 page 34 - Con-Cor N Scale SSW 4-door kit upgrade by Bernard Kempinski.
  • Railmodel Journal September 2000 pages 36-39 - SP/SSW HO Scale Athearn 8-door kit conversion to exterior-post box car, by Mike Budde.
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