California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific

Passenger Trains

The Lark

This information has been compiled from postings to the SP Mailing list.

1958 SP Passenger Timetable

The Lark was SP's record holder for the greatest number of sleeping cars regularly carried - 15 sleepers.

SP Equipment Register #14
issued June 2, 1946
SP Equipment Register #15
issued February 1, 1955
Lark #75-76
Car typeRoutingCar typeRouting
Baggage-ExpressLA-SF SF-LABaggage-ExpressLA-SF SF-LA
6-6-4 sleeperLA-SF SF-LAChair car] 44 seat (B)LA-SF SF-LA
10-5 sleeperLA-SF SF-LAChair car] 44 seat (B)LA-SF SF-LA
10-5 sleeperLA-SF SF-LASnack lounge Ex Daylight Coffee ShopLA-SF SF-LA
10-5 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA22 Roomette sleeperLA-SF SF-LA
10-5 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA10-6 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA
10-5 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA10-6 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA
13 bedroom sleeperLA-SF SF-LA10-6 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA
Dorm Kitchen]*LA-SF SF-LA13 bedroom sleeperLA-SF SF-LA
Diner]*LA-SF SF-LADorm Kitchen]*LA-SF SF-LA
Lounge]*LA-SF SF-LADiner]*LA-SF SF-LA
4-4-2 sleeperLA-SF SF-LALounge]*LA-SF SF-LA
4-4-2 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA4-4-2 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA
4-4-2 sleeperLA-SF SF-LA13 bedroom sleeperLA-SF SF-LA
13 bedroom sleeperLA-SF SF-LA13 bedroom sleeper **LA-SF SF-LA
13 bedroom sleeper **LA-SF SF-LA10-6 sleeper (A)LA-OAK OAK-LA
6-6-4 sleeper (A) LA-OAK OAK-LA2-1-1 cafe-obs (A)LA-OAK OAK-LA
2-1-1 cafe-obs (A) LA-OAK OAK-LA
* triple unit articulated
** has Lark tail signs on either side of vestibule
(A) Oakland Lark #73-74
(B) articulated
LA = Los AngelesSF = San FranciscoOAK = Oakland

Gary McClain's Lark page


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