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Rogue River

This information has been compiled from postings to the SP Mailing list.

The 1946 SP Equipment circular lists the The Rogue River, Train #329/330

  • had two baggage express cars
  • 4 hi-speed box cars
  • 5 more baggage express cars
  • mail baggage
  • partition coach
  • all-day lunch
  • 12-1 sleeper
  • 13 section tourist sleeper
  • partition coach.

The southbound Rogue River (#329) leaving Portland (from SP Equipment Circular No. 14, Correction 1212, dated June 15, 1954) for Ashland had the following heavyweight consist:

  • Merchandise (As needed) - These would have been Overnight box cars to Eugene
  • 3 Baggage & Express to Eugene
  • Baggage & Express to Medford
  • Mail Storage
  • Baggage-RPO
  • Chair Car
  • Cafe Lounge
  • Standard Sleeper 10-1-2

The northbound train had one less Baggage & Express car from Eugene to Portland (it went north on the Klamath).


  • SPH&TS Trainline Issue 40 - THE "ROGUE RIVER" by Tom Dill
  • "The Siskiyou Line, Documentary" - by Bert and Margie Webber
  • There are a couple of nice photos in the new Shasta book by Dill as well. 5623 leading #329(Rogue River) at Medford,Oregon


  • Ken R Clark
  • Stefan Lerche'
  • Ken Harrison
  • Rob Sarberenyi
  • Jim Lancaster
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