California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Modeling SP #137

Dynamometer Car

and Crew Cars in HO Scale


SP #137 was initially painted SP Olive Green with a black roof and Dulux Gold lettering, it was repainted in two-tone gray mid 1957 and solid gray late 1961.

69k 74k

SP #2300 had a short life so would have also been painted SP Olive Green with a black roof and Dulux Gold lettering.

SP #138 received SP Lark Dark Gray paint on its conversion to Crew Car.

Walthers make the perfect car in HO Scale, once available painted for SP, if it is still available, it will probably only be in undecorated.

Modeling #2300 could be a bit of a challenge; unless a brass 60-C-4 has been made... one possibilty that may come close, is to take one Athearn Standard Diner and remove around 5 feet from the length and then replace the roof with a shortened one from an Athearn Standard Round Roof Coach. Overall length over diaphragms needs to be 67' 8¾".

For the later #138, Union Station makes 4069H Laser-cut styrene sides to fit a Train Station Products P-S Car core kit it requires other parts and trucks/couplers to complete.


  • HO Scale
    • Walthers #932-4650 Undecorated model, was also released painted for SP
    • Custom Brass imported a Nickel Plate model but it is similar to #137
    • Precision Scale imported a model but was OO scale...WAY oversized for HO.


  • Model Railroader July 1944 - article with scale plans (prototype dimensions)
  • SPH&TS Trainline No.64 Summer 2000, pages 15-22 (floorplan)
  • Southern Pacific Passenger Cars Volume.1 Coaches and Chair Cars - by The Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society
  • Southern Pacific Passenger Cars Volume.2 Sleepers and Baggage-Dorms - by The Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society

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