California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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'Queen Mary'

In it's original guise, as an E-2A, SF-1 (and E-2B's, SF-2 and SF-3) had two Winton 201A engines, each developing 900hp, for a total of 5400hp for the three unit 'set'. They all had the distinctive porthole windows in the side of the carbody, and were painted in UP's yellow and grey with red trim.

At some point in time, likely before SP ownership, SF-1 received a Mars signal light and larger train numberboards, while still painted in UP yellow and grey. Soon after being taken into SP ownership, all three were painted in Daylight colors. SF-1 or by this time #6017 retained her E-2A heritage until 1953, when she was rebuilt with two 567B engines, and lost her long nose and distinctive portholes. After which she was for all intents and purposes an E-7A.

Model References:

  • No E-2A/B RTR models in any scale that I know of, only brass.
  • Although the E-2 was marginally shorter than the E-7/8/9's a kitbash is not beyond the realms of fantasy, the bulbous nose will present a challenge though.
  • Plans for the E-2A and B have appeared in Model Railroader Sep. 1973,
  • and Kalmbach's Diesel Cyc. Vol.2 page 64.
  • Plans for the E-6 appeared in Kalmbach's Diesel Cyc. Vol.2 page 71.
  • and Railroad Model Craftsman Jan. 1975 page 43 with an N Scale conversion article.
  • LifeLike has released a HO Scale E-6A and in UP City paint
  • LifeLike also has HO Scale E-7B's which are suitable for E-2B's to E7B's

Decals may be a problem!

see Southern Pacific E-7 Info Page for details of E-7's.

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