California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Pictorial History of EMD SD7
Serial Number #18396
Frame Number #5188-16

delivered 8/9-1953 Class DF-118

delivered as #5331 in Road-Switcher Tiger Stripe

233k 164k 177k
as delivered in Road-Switcher Tiger Stripepainted Black Widowprobably on the NWP in pass. service with spark arrestors
217k 146k 81k
renumbered but still in Black Widow on NWPnew Bloody Nose paint with both barrelsthe rear Barrel headlight has been removed in this 1972 shot
renumbered in 1974 to make way for SW1500's, headlight moved down and the Barrel headlight replaced with a Pyle signal light, probably has a red upper lens for the UDE light
86k 69k
rebuilt in 1980 as an SD7R with modern signal lights and has lost the forward water tank, steam generator and dynamic brakesjust before retirement signal lights stripped off just down to bare headlighta shot in the deadline at Exeter, Ca. would be nice here...

vacated in 1995 in Bloody Nose paint, sold to Progress Rail and stored on the SJVR at Fresno or Exeter, until sent to Pacific Rail Dismantlers, Colton, Ca. and finally scrapped...

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