California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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exTrain Master Brake Sled

SPMW 9100

1 unit built

© Bob Dengler - SPMW #9100 at Colton, CA. in 1974

© Bob Dengler - SPMW #9100 at Colton, CA. in 1974

another shot of SPMW #9100

One possible use for the TM's after 1975, was as Brake Sleds. #3027 had the carbody cut off, filled with concrete and sheet steel welded to the 'lobotomised' frame. Numbered SPMW #9100, this was used on the West Colton Hump yard coupled to another locomotive to simply supply another 12 sets of brake pads...
the experiment was not an outstanding success, but #9100 managed to hang around until 1984.
Three others #3025, #3033 and #3034 were set aside for conversion to Brake Sleds and work was actually started, but were scrapped due to the failed experiences with #9100.

see also: Fairbanks Morse H24-66


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Modeling Brake Sleds

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