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Southern Pacific S-10

Baldwin DS-4-4-1000 (606-SC)

SP 1393 - 1402

10 units delivered

delivered as
1393 1394 1395 1396 1397 1398 1399
1400 1401 1402
renumbered 1965
1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869

© Byron Bostwick - S-10 #1869 in the turntable pit of SP's Brooklyn Yard in Portland, Oregon.

Built in September of 1948, the turbocharged 6 cylinder SP S-10's were a refinement of the naturally aspirated 8 cylinder Cotton Belt Baldwin 608NA's, both of which were known variously as DS-4-4-1000 or S-10.

The #1400 - 1402 were ordered as Pacific Electric #1660 - 1662, but this was vetoed before delivery.

Four units were setup at Humble, Texas (1393, 1394, 1401 and 1402) and stayed for testing by the T&NO until April 1949, eventually joining the rest in Los Angeles. Final assignments were in Oregon.

Delivered in 'Orange Tiger Stripes', later repainting saw most receive the solid orange Halloween scheme. Those still active in 1965 were repainted scarlet and grey.

The deletion of two cylinders, meant that length could be reduced from the SSW S-10's, to near that of the earlier and smaller VO-660. Body details were similar to the previous SSW units, except for the single turbo exhaust stack.

Modifications were few to these units.

  • The frame had a half-circle cutout for easier access to the fuel filler.
  • The cab windows over the hood were plated over with sheet metal.
  • The hood side numberboard was either plated or painted over.
  • Some received rotary beacons on the cab roof.

Retirements began in 1963. 6 units were still on the roster for the 1965 system renumbering, and three remained on the roster until 1972. #1863 and 1865 in Los Angeles, and #1869 in Portland, Oregon.

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