California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific S-12

Athearn Baldwin S-12 #2157 by Cliff West detailed using Detail Associates #1016 light package with MV #166 & #199 lenses and PSC numberboards.

see also the SP FAQ Baldwin Switcher Overview

and Nelson Kennedy's Athearn S-12 detailing article

The only available HO Scale model until recently, was the Athearn S-12. This scales out pretty well other than being too fat in the hood, and having an earlier Baldwin cab roof profile. The pilot to pilot distance is within 0.5 mm of being correct, the truck centers are within 0.5 mm of also being correct, and the truck wheelbase is correct at 8 feet (28 mm).

Now we have the Stewart HO Scale offering.

The last two orders 1492 - 1513 and 1539 - 1550 came with the Washer/Dryer headlights (Detail Associates 1016).


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  • HO Scale
    • Athearn
    • Stewart
  • O Scale
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Model References:

SP S12 Prototype Page

Additional S Scale info courtesy James Baglien.

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