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Southern Pacific

'Golden State'/
/'General Service'

Class GS-1


14 units built

Baldwin built for SP
4400 4401 4402 4403 4404 4405 4406 4407 4408 4409
Baldwin built for T&NO
700 701 702 703

GS-1 #4402 taken near Oakland, California in the early 1950's double heading on time freight #403.

Southern Pacific had Baldwin build 14 Class GS-1's in 1930; 10 GS-1's were delivered to SP and 4 GS-1's were delivered to the Texas and New Orleans between August and October 1930.

The GS-1's were not delivered with (and never received), the 'skyline casing' atop the boiler. Their appearance reamined as built, except for those units assigned to snowshed districts; which had the 'clamshell' exhaust stack fitted, and the boiler tube pilot was replaced by a snowplow pilot.

Initially delivered with semi-cylindrical 160-C tenders, these were replaced (starting 1939), with rectangular 220-R similar to the later GS-2 and GS-3 locomotives.

As the later GS Classes were delivered (post 1941), five GS-1's (#4400, 4403, 4407, 4408 and 4409), were leased and two (#4404 and 4406), were sold to the Texas and New Orleans and renumbered after their own GS-1's.

It looks like the SP units transferred to T&NO were initially to be renumbered after SP's GS-1's, but were renumbered after T&NO's GS-1's instead.

While on the T&NO, all? (some?) received brakeman's doghouses on the tender.

#4401, 4402 and 4405 stayed on Pacific Lines (west of El Paso). #4401 was used in Sacramento's static test stand.

In 1953 all but two GS-1's were transferred back to (and renumbered) the Pacific Lines from the Atlantic Lines.

Some were used on the San Francisco peninsular commutes.

Retirement and scrapping started in 1954, most were off the roster by 1955.

Wikipedia's listing for Southern Pacific's GS-1's


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  • 4-8-4's Daylight The Complete Story of the Southern Pacific GS Class 4400 Series Locomotives - by Robert J. Church.
  • Mainline Modeler June 1995 - Southern Pacific GS-1 History and Plans - by Robert J. Church.

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