California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific
'Southern Pacific'
Class SP-2

23 units built

Schenectady built
5016 5017 5018 5019
5020 5021 5022 5023 5024 5025 5026 5027 5028 5029
5030 5031 5032 5033 5034 5035 5036 5037 5038

Study these two images to see the differences in 16 years, by 1937 a Worthington 4¼BL feed-water heater had been fitted. By 1953, #5023 has had the main driver changed to an LFM Universal disc, a second sand dome has been fitted, the tender changed from the 120-C-8 to a 160-C-2 and although it can't be seen, her booster has also been removed. She was scrapped at Sacramento December 28th 1953

#5016-5038 were all delivered in 1926, these differed only slightly from the SP-1's in being slightly heaver by 1500 pounds, having a short squat smokestack and the bell was smokebox mounted from the factory. A Franklin C-2 booster was fitted to the Delta trailing truck.

Some SP-2's may have the main driver changed to a LFM Universal Disc driver.

Some received a second sand dome, all but 7 lost their boosters in late 40's early 50's and the some got the feed-water heater replaced with a Worthington 4¼BL.

5016-5038 were delivered with a 120-C-8 tenders, later changed to 160-C-2.

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