California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific Pony Truss Type

Certainly not one the more aesthetic of structures, they were none-the-less a Southern Pacific Common Standard. I am not sure how many are left on the Southern Pacific system, they were certainly found all over, from California to Texas, the one depicted below at Hearne Junction still at work as of September 1996.

thumbnail of Bayshore Turntable resting next it's water filled pit.

The Bayshore turntable, reflected in the water filled pit. (795 x 440 - 54k)

thumbnail of Bayshore Turntable shot taken from end.

Another view of the Bayshore turntable. (640 x 440 - 49k)

thumbnail of Hearne Turntable side on shot.

The turntable at Hearne Yard. Still active Sep. 1996. (800 x 599 - 48k)


  • Mainline Modeler March 1993, page 31 - General history plus Plans for a 100ft Pony Truss Turntable.
  • Southern Pacific Lines Common Standard Plans Volume 1 - from Steam Age Equipment Co.
    • 100 foot Pony Truss turntable - page 38 truss detail,
    • 100 foot Pony Truss turntable - page 39 floor beams, stringer amd wheel detail,
    • 100 foot Pony Truss turntable - page 40 center casting detail,
    • 100 foot Pony Truss turntable - page 41 turntable pit detail.

other Turntable images
(110k) Brooklyn, Or. Turntable - from David Lange
(60k) Bakersfield, Ca.. Turntable - from Art Fisher
Eugene, Or. Turntable and Dunsmuir, Ca. Doghouse - from Jim Hanrahan

College Park turntable at Lentzen Ave. in Santa Clara, CA. July 1998. - from Art Fisher.

Employed by yard crews until the earthquake in 1989.
The top right photo shows the lever to apply the lock to stop the table from turning as a loco is driven on or off the table.

(196k) San Antonio turntable © Orphie Neathery III via Flash Blackman. Flash goes on to say: It is still rarely, and I mean very rarely, used to turn a diesel. This is not the old steam turntable; this one was moved here specifically to turn diesels when San Antonio was an Espee maintenance facility. It is about 400m (1300 feet) from Tower 121 at the engine facility.

see also: SP Depots for Depot images,

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