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Southern Pacific Uncommon Locomotive Paint Schemes - pre 1965
© 2008. Rob Simpson
ModelClassDeliveredRoadPre-'65 numberPost-'65 numberPaintedRepaintedRetiredPhoto LocationNotes
Halloween (black with orange ends & frame edges, not including any SSW "bow wave" units)
NG 50tonnerDF70010/1954SP1---5/1960SPD, p. 281.SP narrow gauge. Dates painted Halloween?
44tonnerDS2048/1943P&SR3---3/1965SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 208.Ex SPMW 206. Swapped to P&SR in 1958.
44tonnerDS2018/1945P&SR4---12/1966SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 208.Ex SP 1903. Swapped to P&SR in 1958. Likely received Halloween as was swapped the same time as # 3. Need photo.
44tonnerDS20510/1944TNO17 (ex PE 1654)---1-3/1965SPHD Vol. 6, p. 11.Wooden pole platform on roof. See add'l photo
44tonnerDS2008/1942SP1902---10/1960photoAppears to have silver ends in 1959 photo SPD, p. 167.
44tonnerDS20212/1946SP1904---1/1962-Ex P&SR 1. Swapped to SP in 1958. See SPDCL Vol. 1, p. 206 & 207. Need photo.
44tonnerDS2022/1942SP1905---7/1964SPD, p. 167.Ex P&SR 2. Swapped to SP in 1958. See SPDCL Vol. 1, p. 206 & 207. Also referenced at Halloween May have silver ends, need better photo.
SW1DS1(DES1)4/1939SP1000---12/1967SPD, p. 5 & 177. Model Railroader July 1974, p. 36.-
SW1DS411/1939SP1008---4/1967The Southern Pacific in Los Angeles, p. 229.November 1957 (early) cab end shot shows fresh paint with solid orange endplate & cab below windows.
SW1DS57/1941SP1012---1972SPH&TS Trainline No, 96, p. 13-
NW2DS1016-7/1941SP13111905---The Southern Pacific in Los Angeles, p. 230.-
NW2DS1093/1949TNO741916---SPHD Vol. 6, p. 13.-
NW2DS1093/1949TNO751917---photoLettering Gray or white # 1917 on cab. No pinstripe.
SW8DS602(DS302)3/1953SP46071112---SP SW8Not fully Halloween. Solid orange frame endplates, steps, frame edge, battery box. Silver end above battery box and radiator area. Mated with TR6B 1150. Also photo
SW8DS602(DS302)3/1953SP46111116----Need to confirm. SP Review 1977 p. 19, cab end view, was a tiger-stripes with aluminum painted ends, but rear of cab is black above bottom of lower windows, units with aluminum ends had the entire rear of cab painted aluminum. Could this have been the only switcher in "roadswitcher" paint that lost it's aluminum painted ends in favor of the plain switcher scheme?
SW900DS606(DS306)10/1974SP46271172--1987SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 48.-
SW900DS606(DS306)11/1974SP46281173--1987SPD, p. 278.-
SW1200DF4012/1954TNO1142214---Southern Pacific Review 1977, p. 12.-
TR6BDS601(DS301)11/1950SP47001150--3/1979photoNot fully Halloween. Same as mate 1112. Also: photo
S2DS1051/1947TNO421730---photoLettering Gray # 1730 on cab. No pinstripe.
S2DS1054-5/1947TNO581746---photoLettering Gray # 1746 on cab. No pinstripe.
S2DS1054-5/1947TNO591747---SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 222.Lettering Gray # 1747 on cab.
S4DS11110/1951TNO98----SPD, p. 276.-
S4DS11611/1951TNO1011788---photoVery weathered. Has pinstripe.
S4DS11111/1951SP1467----SPH&TS Trainline Summer 2006, p. 30.-
S6DS95/1955SP1033----SPD, p. 281.Halloween
S6DS119/1956SP10691236---photoAlso photo at: photo
S6DS1211/1956SP1075----SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 28.-
VO-660 DS74/1941SP1021----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 19.-
VO-660 DS74/1941SP1022----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 19.Photo also at photo
VO-1000DS1027/1941SP1320----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 47.-
VO-1000DS1027/1941SP1324----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 23.-
VO-1000DS1033/1942SP1329----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 27.Stacked lettering in 5/29/64 photo.
VO-1000DS1075/1944SP13731859---SPHD Vol. 11, p. 33.Frame edge & endplates solid orange. Hood pinstripe & tiger stripes around radiator. Unsure about cab end.
VO-1000DS1076/1944SP1374----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 31.-
VO-1000DS1072/1944SP1380----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 31. SPD, p. 174.-
VO-1000DS1072/1944SP1382----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 31.-
S-10 (606-SC)DS1089/1948SP14001867---webpage-
S-10 (606-SC)DS1089/1948SP14021869---SPHD Vol. 11, pp. 7, 42.Photo also at photo. Orange 1869 on cab.
S-12DS1101/1951SP1445----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 47.-
S-12DS1101/1951SP1447----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 47.-
S-12DS1101/1951SP14482105---Southern Pacific Oregon Division, p. 14.Frame edge & endplates solid orange. Hood pinstripe & tiger stripes around radiator. Unsure about cab end.
S-12DS1102/1951SP1450----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 47.-
S-12DS1102/1951SP14532110---photoAlso photo: photo. Note these photos are probably not of the same locomotive. Check headlight casing & photo dates.
S-12DS1102/1951SP14542111---photoStacked lettering. Orange 2111 on cab. Also photo: photo
S-12DS1102/1951SP14552112---SPHD Vol. 11, p. 51.Frame edge & endplates solid orange. Hood pinstripe & tiger stripes around radiator. Unsure about cab end.
S-12DS1103-4/1951SP14572114---Southern Pacific Review 1983-1985 p. 19.-
S-12DS11410-11/1952SP14922126----not confirmed
S-12DS11410-11/1952SP14962130---as 1496, SPHD Vol. 11, p. 55. As 2130, Southern Pacific Oregon Division, p. 14.Hood pinstripe. 2130 has right side (could be both sides) frame edge painted red & pinstripe almost invisible.
S-12DS1142/1953SP1511----Southern Pacific Review 1983-1985 p. 22.-
S-12DS1142/1953SP1513----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 55.-
S-12DS11810/1953SP1550----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 57. Hood pinstripe? Road unit.
H12-44DS1139/1952SP1490---1974SPHD Vol. 1, p. 9.-
H12-44DS1175/1953SP1534-Sept. 57?-1974SPHD Vol. 1, p. 12 & 13.Photo on p. 12 dated 10/5/57. Earliest example of Halloween? Single-line lettering. Photo on p. 13 dated 9 months later 9/12/58 shows stacked lettering.
RSD-5DF1199/1953TNO156----SPHD Vol. 6, p. 28. (2)Strapac says in SPHD Vol. 6, p. 28, " least three T&NO RSD-5 units...Halloween colors"
RSD-5--TNO ?------
RSD-5--TNO ?------
RSD-5DF126-SP54952873---as 2873, SPHD Vol. 8, p. 33.As 5495 noted on webpage
RSD-5DF126-SP54972875---Robert Morris Photography-
RSD-5DF126-SP55022880---SPHD Vol. 8, p. 30.-
DRS-6-6-15DF103-SP5213----SPHD Vol. 11, p. 80.webpage
AS-616DF113-1/1952TNO179----SPHD Vol. 6, p. 35.-
AS-616DF1131/1952TNO183----SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 169 and SPHD Vol. 11, p. 109.-
AS-616DF112-SP5277----SPHD Vol. 11, pp. 9, 107.Photo also at photo
GP9DF603-SP5602----SPMPA 1973, p. 17.-
GP9DF607-SP5665----SPHD Vol. 7, p.37. Black frame, black end lettering.
GP9DF611-SP5738----photoAlso photo in SPHD Vol. 7, p.45, taken 9/63. Later photo on espee website. What color is frame edge? White "SP" on ends in 9/63? Dual fuel.
SD7DF1188-9/1953SP53262733/1433/1509--1998SP into the 90s, p?-
SD7DF1188-9/1953SP53272734/1434/1519---Trainline #94 p. 11 and "SP into the 90s," p?-
SD7DF1188-9/1953SP53332740/1440/1502--1998SP into the 90s p?-
H24-66DF5012/1954SP4811-Jun-58-6/1975photo SPHD Vol. 1, p. 36 and Train Master, p.?Described as having 'white' lettering in SPHD Vol. 1, but a color photo in "Train Master" by Diesel Era and Sweetland, the lettering looks more like 'a shade of aluminum'. As an additional note, the "Halloween" 4811 got a semi-repaint sometime in 1960 , when the Orange ends were redone in Scarlet with no wings, retaining it's Black carbody. I believe that this lasted for less that one year. (source?)
F3ADF2-SP6152----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 99 and Southern Pacific Review 1981 back cover.Orange in the same shape as the later scarlet wings. Photo dated 1/4/59.
F7ADF5-SP6257-----Need to confirm
F7ADF5-SP6263-----Need to confirm
F7ADF7-SP6342-----Lasted into at least early 1970. Paint scheme? webpage
F7ADF7-SP6348----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 101. "Farr-Aire" grilles.
F7ADF7-SP6351----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 101.-
F7ADF7-SP6362----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 101. Orange in the same shape as the later scarlet wings. webpage "not confirmed"
F7ADF7-SP6371----photoPhoto also in Southern Pacific Review 1981, back cover.
F7B--SP8147 or 8247-----Not confirmed. Strip in photo looks orange RP Espee.
F7B--SP81xx----RP EspeeCan't make out number. Could be 8147. Some F3B, F7B, & F9Bm units were repainted black without the red bottom stripe at some time during their lives...rendering them "Halloween" units, even if repainted after 1958. For example, see two F units in Southern Pacific Oregon Division, p. 83
F7BDF7-SP8240----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 100. No red stripe in 6/6/65 photo.
F7BDF9-SP8274----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 22. No red stripe in 10/8/62 photo.
F9AmDF14-TNO611---5/1968--Need to confirm
F9AmDF14Feb-56TNO613---Mar-68-Need to confirm
F9AmDF14-TNO630---7/1966-Need to confirm
F9AmDF14Sep-58TNO631-Sep-58-Dec-67SPHD Vol. 6, p. 92.Delivered Sept-58 painted Halloween.
F9AmDF14Oct-58TNO632-Oct-58-Oct-67-Delivered Oct-58 painted Halloween? webpage Painted Gray & Scarlet w/ Gothic "Southern Pacific" in 5/1/62 photo in SPHD Vol. 6, p.94.
F9AmDF14Nov-58TNO633-Nov-58-Jan-64-Delivered Nov-58 painted Halloween? webpage
F9AmDF14Dec-58TNO634-Dec-58-Apr-66-Delivered Dec-58 painted Halloween? webpage
F9BmDF14Dec-58TNO724-Dec-58-Apr-72-Delivered Dec-58 painted Halloween? Lasted into at least early 1970. Still in Halloween? webpage
E7ADP4Apr-47SP6001----SPHD Vol.3 p. 21webpage Delivered in Golden State scheme.
E9ADP1212/1954SP6051---12/1969SPCLP, p. 247. and SPHD Vol.3 p. 45-
PA-2DP9-SP6024----DOTSP Vol.1 p. 32."Had the orange in the same shape as the later scarlet wings" notes RP Espee.
PA-2DP11-SP6039----SPHD Vol. 9, pp. 78, 79 and SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 16 and SPCLP p. 247. and DOTSP Vol.1 p. 32. and PA ALCO's Glamour Girl" by Andy Romano page 95-
PB-2DP10-SP5922----SPHD Vol. 9, p. 62 and RP Espee and DOTSP Vol.1 p. 32.-
Black Widow sans orange wings
RSD-5DF115-TNO 1702850---SPHD Vol. 8, p. 23.-
RSD-5DF115-TNO1722852---As # 172, SPHD Vol. 8, back cover. As # 2852, SPHD Vol. 8, p. 23.-
RSD-5DF114-TNO1742854---As # 174, SPHD Vol. 8, p. 18. As # 2854, SPHD Vol. 8, p. 23.-
GP9DF6072/1956SP56263459---SPHD Vol. 7, p. 40.-
SD9DF1203-4/1954SP53453806---photoBig light
SD9DF1241-2/1956SP5459----SPMPA 1973, p. 13.-
Black Widow Dual-Wing SDs (no SD9s. One unit only?)
SD7DF1163/52SP5308----photo photoIn Black Widow. 1965 photo in gray & scarlet. exEMD Demonstrator was only dual control SD7
Black Widow E9As
E9ADP1212/1954SP6048---1/1970 and SPHD Vol.3 p. 45SP E9 states "6048 and 6050 received full Black Widow paint in 1958, but only wore it for a short time."
E9ADP1212/1954SP6049---1/1971SPCLP, P. 247. Strapac says "The only E unit in 'Black Widow' paint" in SPCLP, p. 247. Photo date 5/29/59.
E9ADP1212/1954SP6050---1/1970photo and SPHD Vol.3 p. 45 See 6049 note.
GP9DF611-SP5738----see notesPartially in the "Halloween" scheme while the lower frame, fuel tanks and trucks are painted in Bloody Nose gray colors. "Southern Pacific's San Joaquin Valley Line" by Tom Dill, p. 99.
SD9DF1224/1955SP54233901--11/1994photo photo photoBlack, red ends & wings, frame stripe. Short hood gray.
SD9DF1222/1955SP53943872--12/1994photoBlack, red ends & wings, frame stripe. Gray trucks in 9/69 photo, they look clean, so probably swapped in later?
PA-2DP119/1953SP6034-----PA ALCO's Glamour Girl" by Andy Romano page 96 shows PA2 6034 in black and red, although the caption states "vermillion in place of a scarlet red nose." (?)
Gray & Scarlet "Southern Pacific" on single line
GP9--SP3546----SPHD Vol. 7, p. 41.-
Gray & Scarlet SSW "bow wave"Gray & Scarlet SSW "bow wave"
DT-6-6-20Z20 C-C5/1948SSW260na1958--10-11/1963Cotton Belt Locomotives, p. 194.
Gray & Scarlet w/ Gothic "Southern Pacific"
F7ADF48/1949SP6223----The Southern Pacific in Los Angeles, p. 205.
F7ADF78/1951SP6365----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 53.-
F7ADF87-8/1952SP6378----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 53.-
F7ADF87-8/1952SP6382----SPHD Vol. 10, p. 101.-
F7A--SP6438-----need to verify
F9AmDF1410/1958TNO632----SPHD Vol. 6, p. 94.Was painted Halloween. See above.
E7ADP4Apr-47SP6002----SPHD Vol.3 p. 22-
PA-1DP67/1949ex-TNO6056----SPHD Vol.9 p. 93webpage
PA-1DP66/1949ex-TNO203/6062----SPHD Vol. 9 p. 36 as # 203.Renumbered SP 6062 4/2/1959.
PA-1DP66/1949ex-TNO6063----SPHD Vol. 9 back cover and p. 91. and DOTSP Vol.1 p. 33 and PA ALCO's Glamour Girl" by Andy Romano page 91Also as TNO 204. Red pilot.
SD7DF1189/1953SP5322----photoSP name stacked at rear.
SD7DF1189/1953SP5325----SPMPA 1973, p. 7.SP name stacked at rear.
Daylight one-of-a-kinds
GP7Z15 B-B6/1950SSW320 / 304304--10-12/1972Cotton Belt Locomotives, p. 160 and webpage Renumbered 304 in 1952. Repainted scarlet and gray circa 1968.
FP7Z15 B-B4/1950SSW330 / 3066462--9/1972webpage Renumbered 306 in 1952. Repainted scarlet & gray by mid 1959.
SSW Purple & Silver "ACL colors"
DS-4-4-1000Z10 B-B 6/1942SSW1000------
DS-4-4-1001Z10 B-B10/1942SSW1001------
DS-4-4-1002Z10 B-B11/1942SSW1002------
DS-4-4-1003Z10 B-B 4/1943SSW1003------
DS-4-4-1004Z10 B-B 9/1943SSW1004------
DS-4-4-1005Z10 B-B10/1943SSW1005------
DS-4-4-1006Z10 B-B 2/1944SSW1006------
DS-4-4-1007Z10 B-B 7/1944SSW1007------
DS-4-4-1008Z10 B-B 7/1944SSW1008------
PFE Orange
44tonner-1950PFE11--2/1966photopurchased 1953, built 1950 for Pine Flat Contractors
S-3AS407-13/1951PFEn/a10231966--SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 216.exSP, To PFE Roseville in 1966. Replaced PFE 1.
PE Red
44tonnerDS2006/1943-1650Jun-43----According to Ira Sweet, Allen Copeland & Joe Strapac, delivered red, ran a few years post-WWII before being repainted Tiger Stripes. (or black & white?)
44tonnerDS2006/1943-1651Jun-43----According to Ira Sweet, Allen Copeland & Joe Strapac, delivered red, ran a few years post-WWII before being repainted Tiger Stripes. (or black & white?)
44tonnerDS20010/1944-1652Oct-44----Strapac states all 5 were painted red by the builder - SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 214.
44tonnerDS20010/1944-1653Oct-44---SPDLC Vol. 1, p. 214.-
Golden State
E7ADP4Apr-47SP6001A6001-1949-SPHD Vol.3Later painted halloween
E7ADP4Apr-47SP6002A6002-1949--when later painted bloody nose had Gothic lettering
Pre-1959 models with no known Halloween painted units:
TR6B (in "full" Halloween)
S-10 (608-NA version, SSW only)
"Torpedo" passenger GP9s 5622-5625
Any boxcab diesel (ex-Dan Patch, etc)
Any electric locomotive
SPHDSouthern Pacific Historic Diesels series
SPDLCSouthern Pacific Diesel Locomotive Compendium, Vols. 1 & 2
SPCLPSouthern Pacific's Coast Line Pictorial
SPMPASouthern Pacific Motive Power Annuals
RP EspeeRichard Percy's Espee web site
SPDSouthern Pacific Dieselization
RR-FFFallen Flags web site
Gray shading identifies unit number referenced by photo or notes.
Only units with an entry in the "Photo Location" column considered validated. Please help by reporting a photo location or by sending a photo to me at
Partial list of resources Rob used in compiling this spreadsheet:
-Richard Percy's Espee web site,
-Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol. 1, 5-13. Joseph Strapac
-Southern Pacific Diesel Locomotive Compendium, Vol. 1. Joseph Strapac
-Cotton Belt Locomotives. Joseph Strapac
-Southern Pacific's Coast Line. John Signor
-Southern Pacific's Coast Line Pictorial. Anthony Thompson and John Signor
-Southern Pacific Motive Power Annual 1973. Joseph Strapac
-Southern Pacific Oregon Division, Brian Jennison and Victor Neves
-Southern Pacific Review, various years
-The Southern Pacific in Los Angeles, Larry Mullaly and Bruce Petty
-Southern Pacific Dieselization, John Garmany
-Fallen Flags and Other Railroad Photos, George Elwood
-Diesels Of The Espee Vol.1 Alco PA's, Roger M. Cortani, Gordon Lloyd Jr. and Joe Strapac
Need to review:
-Other SP Motive Power Annuals
-Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol. 2-4. Joseph Strapac
-PA - ALCo's Glamour Girl by Andy Romano
Thanks to Richard Percy, Joseph Strapac, Anthony Thompson, Scott Inman, Tim O'Connor, Rob Sarberenyi and others.
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