California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific E7

The latest SP Trainline is a must have issue for modeling SP's E7's, everything you need to know, and how to do it, to get it right.

Southern Pacific E7 Golden State model Info Page


  • Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society magazine "Trainline" Summer 2004 issue #80 pages 14 to 28 - SP's E7's and how to model them plus color photos on front and rear covers
  • SP Historic Diesels Vol.3 E-Units and Pass. F's by Joe Strapac
  • Model Railroading August 1997 pages 56, 57 58 - Short history and color photo of 6004, bw photo of 6001 and 6003 all in Blood Nose paint.
  • Railroad Model Craftsman January 1972 page 39 - E7A Plans, plus b/w proto photo of 6003A in Blood Nose paint.
  • Railroad Model Craftsman March 1972 page 43 - E7B Plans, plus b/w proto photo of 5903 in Blood Nose paint.
  • Kalmbach's Diesel Locomotives Cyclopedia Vol-2 page 75 E7A/E7B plans, no SP photo's.


  • N Scale
    • LifeLike have made E7 models.
  • HO Scale
    • Model Power and ConCor in the past have made E-7A models, and Cary has made E-7A and B cast metal shells, to fit modified Athearn SD40T-2 chassis' or similar.
    • LifeLike E7A's and E7B's in Daylight.
    • LifeLike E7A's and E7B's in Golden State.
    • LifeLike E7A's and E7B's in Blood Nose.
  • S Scale
  • O Scale
    • I am not aware of any models, probably made in brass tho'

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