California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific E-8

To the best of my interpretation! 6018 was delivered with intake grilles that look to be similar to Detail Associates 2704 (as fitted to F7's?). The E9's came with Farr-Aire grilles - DA 2701?.

The older LifeLike E8/9 model has one serious deficiency for the SP modeler - it has no dynamic fan! A Details West 143 48" cap-top fan must be cut into the center roof panel.

Also the LifeLike E8/9 as 6018 comes with the wrong pilot. Well mine came with a freight pilot? as per the SP E9's, and there was no pass. pilot in the box...

Also the gray as applied to the LifeLike Blood Nose version is way too light. Better to get an undec. and repaint - you still need to change the pilot, intake screens, and add a dynamic fan anyway...


  • N Scale
    • Kato has made N Scale E-8's recently, certainly in Daylight paint.
    • LifeLike has also made E-8's
  • HO Scale
    • Rivarossi has had HO Scale E-8A's for a long time, decorated in Daylight paint and some other scheme.
    • LifeLike E-8A in Daylight paint.
    • LifeLike E-8A in Blood Nose.
    • LifeLike has re-released the E8 this time both in E8A's and E8B's. Of course SP had no B units...
  • S Scale
    • American Models E-8
  • O Scale
    • Weaver released an AA set in Black Widow with a B unit available separately

Model References:

  • Kalmbachs Diesel Locomotives Cyclopedia Vol-2 page 76 E8/9A/E8/9B plans, no SP photo's.

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