California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific Fairbanks-Morse H-24-66

Train Master

SP HO Scale H24-66 from Ken Perry

Athearn HO Scale H24-66 from Cliff West

For HO Scale:

Athearn have two models of the FM Train Master one with low 3 digit numberboards at both ends,
and an SP Model with larger 5 digit numberboards, low at the front and high at the back.
Always been available in SP 'Blood Nose' it has recently been offered in SP 'Black Widow'.

So as far as the numberboard position goes; which model do I buy?...
Talking the Athearn model here; the low/high numberboard version would be good for 4811 - 4815 in Black Widow after ~1957, individual units would have had the front boards lowered at different times?, 3030 to 3035 (less 3034) in Blood Nose
The low small numberboard model would only be good for TM-3, as TM-4 did not have a steam gen, although no TM Demo decals are available that I know of
It is possible to combine parts from both models to achieve an accurate model, or modify one model to get an accurate unit, but as always...

You are definitely going to need a photo, especially if you are even half way fussy about accuracy...


N Scale:

  • Atlas

HO Scale:

  • Athearn supposedly never to be made again, buy 'em now while you can?
  • Atlas has finally released a HO scale version with and without noise...

S Scale:

O Scale:

  • Lionel
  • Sunset Brass circa 1983

Modeling References:

  • Kalmbach Cyclopedia Vol.2 Diesel Locos. Page 142 - H-24-66 Plans.
  • Model Railroader September 1981 page 128 - Paint Shop article painting TMs in Black Widow paint
  • Model Railroader March 1989 Page 84 - H24-66 Plans and history, photo of SP 3031.
  • Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1986 Page 64 - Modeling a Black Widow version using the Athearn HO model. *
  • Railroad Model Craftsman, July 1986 Page 07 - Train Master updates in Letters Column.

* This article also appeared in the October 1983 issue of a British magazine called 'Scale Trains'.

S Scale information courtesy Bill Roberts.

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