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Southern Pacific
ALCo HH-660

1001 - 1003

3 units delivered

0000 1001 1002 1003 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

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© Don Jewell from the Bob Dengler Collection - #1001 at Oakland CA. perhaps it didn't have too long to retirement in this view. © Tony Johnson, HH-660 #1002 painted in the Halloween scheme

The first ALCo HH-660, #1001, ran as a demonstrator on the SP from August 1939, until purchased in September of 1939. Delivered in basic black, the only indication of its number was in the small numberboards , high on the front of the hood side.

As the testing was successful, it was purchased and renumbered to #1001, given a white frame sill, and a white pinstripe just below the numberboards. It also received white 'Southern Pacific Lines' lettering, and 1001 on the cabside, as well as small numbers on the hood end.

SP placed an order for two more, becoming #1002 and #1003, these arriving in December 1939, these also received the above paint scheme.

Later in their life (1950) they were painted in the Orange Tiger Stripe scheme, and #1002 at least, had auxiliary numberboards, and steam era marker lights at the front of the hood; it was also painted in the Halloween scheme.

And later still they, (well at least #1001), received red and gray paint, (which was introduced in 1958), as well as losing their numberboards and marker lamps.


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