California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific
PA1 / PB1 - PA2 / PB2

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HO Scale Athearn PA1 converted and superdetailed to duplicate SP PA2 #6019, by Bob Dengler. This model was built in the late 1970's, predating Bob Zenk's efforts in Mainline Modeler by several months.

Prototypically PA's were painted in 2 main color schemes with 1 variation and 1 experimental. SP's, SSW's and TNO's PA's were all delivered in Daylight paint with SSW's only having a silver roof instead of black. 2 SP PA's and 1 PB were repainted Halloween for about 1 year and all extant PA's after 1958 were repainted Scarlet and Gray (Blood Nose). No PA's ever appeared in Black Widow.

(Above) LifeLike N Scale PA2 painted in the first Halloween scheme from James of Sydney, Australia. New

(Above) LifeLike N Scale PA and PB painted in the short-lived Halloween scheme from James of Sydney, Australia.

(Above) LifeLike N Scale PA - As part of the experimental Halloween schemes, 6034 was painted black and red in the same pattern as the final gray and red scheme from James of Sydney, Australia.


  • Z Scale:
    • American Z Lines PA1
  • N Scale:
    • Kato SP Daylight PA or PA/PB Sets all powered.
    • Con-Cor SP Daylight and SP Black Widow PA PB in Powered, Dummy. Lit Dummy, & Sound
    • LifeLike
  • HO Scale:
    • Athearn
    • LifeLike SP Blood Nose PA1 and PB1
    • LifeLike undec PA1 and PB1
  • O Scale:
    • ?
  • For G Scale:
    • USA Trains PA1 and PB1

Modeling References:

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  • Mainline Modeler Mar/Apr 1980 page 16 - Kitbashing and Detailing SP ALCo PA's in Daylight paint by Robert.J.Zenk
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Additional S Scale info courtesy James Baglien and Phil Agur.

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