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Southern Pacific RS32

Deliv'd 1962 as SP 7300 - 7309

Re'# 1965 as SP 4000 - 4009

10 units delivered

7300 7301 7302 7303 7304 7305 7306 7307 7308 7309

4000 4001 4002 4003 4004 4005 4006 4007 4008 4009
4000 4001 4003 4005 4007 4008 4009
4000 4001

4001 4002 as DVR #211 4004 4009 as F&W #4009

Yet another somewhat rare model; the ALCo RS32 was only rostered by Southern Pacific (10) and New York Central (25).

ALCo built these in answer to the EMD turbosupercharged GP20, their success can be measured by the total number built -- ie. not very...

Initially delivered for fast freight service on the Coast Division in 1962; by 1964 they had been downgraded to local service only by the delivery of EMD GP35's.

In 1968, 6 units were assigned to the Western Division and four to the San Joaquin. Being assigned to a division rather than a pool, means local and switching service only; less demanding and closer to home in the event of a mechanical failure...

While on the Western Division, they were used as helper units, one of my favorite photo's is of an RS32 and an FP7 in Tehachapi helper service.

These units ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area, as witnessed by the photo links at the top of the page.

RS32's were one loco that could keep up with the SF commute schedule demanding fast accelaration, they were also able to pull a commute with a disabled Trainmaster if necessary - photos exist.

Outwardly similar to the RS11, except the long hood has a protruding intercooler radiator.

They ended their days as delivered in Scarlet and Grey, only being renumbered in 1965.

All were retired between 1977 and 1980, with 4007 being the last.

Mike Minatelli, the Chief Mechanic for the Delaware Valley Railway in Chester County, PA. contributed this info when the ex4002 was DVR #211: we roster ex SP RS32 #7302 as our #211.

So one SP RS32 lives on, ex4002 on the east coast, and one, 4009 on the west coast at the Fillmore and Western.

Bruce Crawford of the Tishomingo Railroad Company in Iuka, MS recently writes: The DV211 (and the DV212 ex-NYC2035 RS32) now lives on the Tishomingo Railroad as the TISH 211. We have since repainted the engine in a very simplistic red/black scheme, but decided to add the warbonnet inspired from the original SP paint - but instead of gray/scarlet, ours will be in reverse - a red/charcoal combo.

The 211 usually lives MU'd to the 212, so it keeps good company. We run a couple 3% grades, and the RS32s pull 'em every time. Anyway, the 211 is running fine and is in daily service.


  • 4002 was the Tishomingo RR's #211 - since been sold to Delaware-Lackawanna
  • 4004 was at the Feather River Rail Society's Portola Museum, now at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, in Campo California
  • 4009 on the Fillmore and Western


  • Mainline Modeler Nov. 1988 - SP RS32 Plans, and Roster.
  • Rail Model Craftsman Jan. 1967 - Plans and Proto Data.
  • Extra 2200 South Oct/Nov/Dec 1976 Issue 58 - 1976 SP Roster Part V.
  • 1967-68 SP Review "28 Years of ALCo Diesels" - pages 9 and 10.
  • various SP Reviews/Annuals have the odd photo of these units.
  • SP Dieselization by Garmany - Chapter 13 has good left shot of an RS32.
  • SP Historic Diesels Vol.8 Alco Roadswitcher Locomotives by Joe Strapac

SP RS32 Model Page

Additional information on this Page supplied by Bruce Conklin.

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