California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific SD38-2

SP HO Scale SD38-2 from Ken Perry


The SD38-2 is now available in HO Scale from Kato, other scales will have to be kitbashed from an SD40-2, or brass I guess...

N Scale:

  • Con-Cor?
  • Kato will likely release their SD40-2 in N scale

HO Scale:

  • Kato have announced an SD38-2

O Scale:

  • ?

Model References:

  • ...

If anybody out there has any further references, that are available to anyone, please let me know, this is just one loco of many, that information is scarce for.

Not a lot has been published on the SD38-2, there has been no plans published as far as I know. It is possible to almost build _any_ EMD hood unit just from kit parts, due to EMD's standardization of parts and practices. My SD38-2 was built from a couple of photographs and Athearn parts.

My SP SD38-2 in Bloody Nose Scheme was kitbashed from an Athearn SD40-2 and GP38-2 Body Shell. Using the following:

  • Floquil SP Light Lark Gray and SP Scarlet
  • Microscale 87-48 and 87-447
  • Super Scale Kristal Kleer Windows
  • MV Lenses

Spotting features are: 2 instead of 3 Radiator fans, Dynamic Brake housing is reversed and has 2 Non-turbo exhausts each side of the 2 fans, Paper Air Filter box where the Turbo exhaust usually is :-), and each Truck sideframe has 3, instead of 2 brake cylinders.

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