California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific SD40R

In early 1980, SP started to rebuild the 1966 and 1968 delivered 8400 series SD40's, the first SD40R released being 7300 in June 1980. The rebuilds continued through to August 1981, when 7385 was released.

Meanwhile back in late 1980, 7342 was released in an experimental paint scheme, based loosely on the Daylight scheme.

When it was first painted the paint separation between the orange and gray was actually down the center of the roof as above. This model appeared on eBay and generated a lot of discussion as to its accuracy. It is accurate and was not liked by Management, so was sent back to be repainted as the Tom Fassett model shown below with the gray roof on both sides. Anecdotally, it did operate in the above scheme before being repainted - again, hopefully photos may appear.

Kato HO Scale SD40 by Tom Fassett

7342's second orange paint scheme on a HO Scale SD40R from Kato SD40 by Tom Fassett

HO Scale SD40 by Gary Hall

New! From Gary Hall comes the third red/orange paint scheme worn by 7342.

HO Scale SD40 by Gary Hall

New! Another model from Gary Hall this the special Olympic painted SD40R.

150k HO Scale Kato SD40 detailed and painted for an SP Speed Lettered SD40R by Bill Muller 150k HO Scale Kato SD40 detailed and painted for an SP Speed Lettered SD40R by Bill Muller

Kato SD40 detailed and painted for a Speed Lettered SD40R by Bill Muller.


N Scale:

  • Kato once made an SD40

HO Scale:

  • Kato has re-released their HO model
  • IHC have re-released their HO Scale model of an SD40
  • Rail Power Products used to do a HO Scale SD40 shell and chassis kit. Since sold to Athearn.
  • Athearn have released an upgraded RTR (Rail Power Products) SD40 with new chassis
  • Athearn have announced a Daylight painted SD40R

O Scale:

  • ?

Model References:

  • Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1996 - Page 71, - Detailing a HO Kato unit for the 70's
  • Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1996 - Page 74, - Short history of SP's GP35's and SD40's
  • Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1967 has a set of Plans.
  • Model Railroading, June 1991 Page 24, A guide to the Prototypes (SD40's).
  • Model Rail Journal, September 1991, Page 7, Diesel Close-up - SD40

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