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Southern Pacific TR-6A and TR-6B

Slightly incorrect model from Ken Perry, TR6A #1101 ran with TR6B #1151

Contributed by Carl Rodolf:

I searched Strapac's Annuals and Reviews from 1971 to 1983 for photos and info on TR-6 locos.

The photos start with the TR-6 demo set (already bearing their new SP numbers) at Willits, CA, on the NWP in 1951, and end with the sole survivor of the class, #1100, working as shop switcher at Sacramento in 1980.

As delivered in 1951, the TR-6 had a single-chime horn mounted on the cab front wall. Not until the 1980 shot does the three-chime horn show up on the roof, at the front.

The TR-6 A & B units, in common with the SW-8's, were equipped with small pilot plows, on the 'front' end only. This detail would require different mounting of the footboards.

When delivered, the rear cab wall did not have the lower set of large windows, and no rear headlight. There also appears to be a single chime horn on the rear cab wall, up close to the roof, on a line between the door and the fireman's window.

In 1954, when separated from the 'B' calfs, large bulb headlights (like the SW-7) were mounted on the cab rear wall, the rear-facing horn removed and the large lower windows were cut in. Sometime later, the rear headlight was changed to sealed-beam.

The photos show that the TR-6's had straight handrails on the front and the P2K-style 'MU' handrails on the rear, cab end. All photos show canvas cab window shades.

All things considered, I'd say the P2K model will build an excellent representation of an S.P. TR-6. And doesn't it run nice!

I must admit that when I build models of S.P. locos and cars, I sometimes cut a few small corners, because these items are for my enjoyment. It's all a fiction anyhow: there never was a real Clover Valley Branch of the Espee!

Contributed by Bob Huddy:

Have just converted an HO Trains TR6 cab unit to SP 1105, as shown in the R.L. Dengler prototype photo here. This required addition of a 3 chime horn, redoing the front handrails and installing a front drop step as well as a rear drop step, and mu cable connections.

One major detail that has come to light recently; is that the TR6B calf unit does not have a tapered hood, the cabless end is the same width as the radiator end. The Athearn SW7 calf is correct for ealier TR B-units, but not the later TR5/6B-units. The hood does have a top taper, but not the side taper. Evidently is it difficult to modify the Athearn SW7 to correctly portray an SP TR6B, but it can be done.


N Scale:

  • Arnold once produced an SW7, sold through Walthers
  • LifeLike has released an SW9/1200 that may be backdated.

HO Scale:

  • Athearn still has an SW7 in production and also makes a 'calf'
  • Con-Cor did make an SW7
  • LifeLike have made an SW9, that could be backdated to a TR-6A and modified to a TR-6B

O Scale:

  • ?

In HO Scale, the Athearn SW-7 'cow and calf' units would be the quickest and cheapest way to achieve a TR-6A/B set, although they would be a stand-in model. The LifeLike SW9/1200 would be better runners, albeit at a greater cost.

Model References:

  • Model Railroader Cyclopedia Vol.2 Page 36 - Plans for an SW-8.

SP TR6 info page

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