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Cotton Belt S-10

Baldwin DS-4-4-1000 (608-NA)

SP 1023 - 1027

5 units delivered

9999 9999 9999 1023 1024 1025 1026 1027 9999 9999

An interim model until Baldwin could get delivery of sufficient turbochargers; this model was known by various designations. Baldwin called it a DS-4-4-1000, SP called it an S-10.

It was powered by a normally aspirated (hence the NA) 8 cylinder inline engine carried over from the VO-1000 range exhausting through 4 stacks atop the hood. The hood was designed for the new turbocharged unit, and differed from the VO-1000 by having a flat front radiator and the engine number side windows were in a lower position.

As delivered paint was the then standard SSW diesel light gray and Armour yellow separated by red pinstriping. Later they would probably have received Cotton Belt's black with orange 'bow wave' style, and after 1958 (#1024 at least) painted in scarlet and gray.

Modifications appear to be limited to the fitting of standard appliances ie. cab armrests and awnings


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