California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Cotton Belt

As these units came in five orders, over 6 years, details vary enormously. Again, for accuracy grab as many photo's as you can, prior to starting work.

From Tom.C.Jones comes this information on the lighting packages fitted to the various orders of the GP40-2's:

  • SP 7240-7247 originally came with Oscitrol Headlights front and rear. These lights simulate the "Mars" lights. One light pointed left and the other right and flash on and off.
  • SSW 7248-7273 also had Oscitrol Headlights.
  • SP 7608-7627 and 7658-7677 all had L shaped windshield originally.
  • SSW 7628-7657 also had L shaped windshield.
  • As built 3197-3199 had L shaped windshield. 3197 was one of three Bicentenial units for SP.
  • SSW 7248-7273 were first Cotton Belt Units to have SSW stenciled on nose along with SSW and engine number stenciled on anticlimber.
  • Other SSW units just had SSW and engine number on anticlimber. And just the engine number on the nose.

Models available:


  • No Plans appear to have been Published for the GP40-2.
  • Mainline Modeler Oct. 1987 Page 38-41 - Cotton Belt GP40(-2) Painting Guide. 5th order units featured.
  • Railroad Model Craftsman Nov. '90 Page 60 - Kitbashing article for a 2nd Order and 5th Order units.

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