California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Cotton Belt SD40T-2

Image of detailed long nose HO Scale Athearn SD40T-2.

No Cotton Belt units were painted in the Kodachrome scheme and they only came in the long nose version.

SSW SD40T-2 #8375, Long nose version of a Cotton Belt unit, with all the extra Locotrol radio antenna. The Model Railroader article of Jan. 1985 is excellent for this, and was used in the building of this model. Incidentally, all my 40T-2 and 45T-2 models are fitted with the etched (copper?) lower intake screens from Custom Railway Supply, Walthers #212-1064, (usual disclaimer).

Modeling choices at the moment are:

  • For N Scale:
    • in the mid 1980's Key imported from Taiwan a model of the SD40T-2. It had truck mounted pilots, but was otherwise a fine model. It was produced in undec, DRGW and SP.
    • Overland Models brass
    • Intermountain have announced an SD40T-2
  • For HO Scale:
    • Athearn has both long and short nose models available.
  • For S Scale:
    • ?


  • Railroad Model Craftsman, May, '75 Page 33 - Plans.
  • Model Railroader, Jan, '85 Page 100 - SSW Athearn Superdetail.
  • Railroad Model Craftsman, Jun, '87 Page 67, - Athearn Selective detailing.
  • RailModel Journal, Mar '94, Page 42 - Diesel Detail by Detail, SP SD40T-2.
  • SP 1987/88 Motive Power Pictorial by Joe.W.Shine, Page 110/111.

N Scale information kindly submitted by Randall Jacobs.

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