California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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The Sunset Limited

This information has been compiled from postings to the SP Mailing list by Jeff Cauthen.

Last years of the Sunset

SP Equipment Register #14
issued June 2, 1946
SP Equipment Register #15
issued February 1, 1955
Sunset Limited #1-2
Car typeRoutingCar typeRouting
BaggageNO-LA LA-NO30' RPO-BaggageNO-LA LA-NO
3 Compt Chair 48 seats (C)NO-LA LA-NOBag-DormNO-LA LA-NO
Chair 50 seats )*NO-LA LA-NOPart. Chair 48 seat (C)NO-LA LA-NO
Chair 50 seats )*NO-LA LA-NOChair 44 seatNO-LA LA-NO
Chair 66 seats (A)EP-LA LA-EPChair 44 seatNO-LA LA-NO
Coffee ShopEP-LA LA-EPChair 44 seat (D)EP-LA LA-EP
DinerEP-LA LA-EPHamburger GrillNO-LA LA-NO
LoungeNO-LA LA-NO10-6 Sleeper (E)DAL-LA LA-DAL
8-5 SleeperNO-LA LA-NO10-6 SleeperNO-LA LA-NO
10-1-2 SleeperNO-LA LA-NO4-4-2 SleeperNO-LA LA-NO
10-1-2 SleeperNO-LA LA-NODinerNO-LA LA-NO
12-1 SleeperNO-LA LA-NOLoungeNO-LA LA-NO
8-1-2 Sleeper (B)SA-LA LA-SA10-6 Sleeper Blunt endNO-LA LA-NO
* Lightweight carAll cars Budd built except 4-4-2
(A) Ft. Worth carDiner and lounge reserved for Pullman passengers;
(B) San Antonio car 'coach passengers not allowed in Pullmans, Diner, or Lounge'
(C) Jim Crow car
(D) El Paso car
(E) Dallas car
NO = New OrleansDAL = DallasLA = Los AngelesSA = San Antonio
EP = El Paso
Sunset August of 1950 when new
30' RPO-Baggage
Partitioned Chair 48 seat
Chair 44 seat
Chair 44 seat
Chair 44 seat
Chair 44 seat
Coffee Shop Lounge
10-6 Sleeper
10-6 Sleeper
10-6 Sleeper
10-6 Sleeper
10-6 Sleeper Blunt end

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