California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Texas &New Orleans PA1

6055 - 6066

12 PA units delivered

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200A 201A 202A 203A 204A 205A
200B 201B 202B 203B 204B 205B
re# 1949
200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209
210 211
final #'s
6055 6056 6057 6058 6059
6060 6061 6062 6063 6064 6065 6066

Texas & New Orleans (T&NO)

The T&NO received 12 PA1's in 1948 delivered in pairs, numbered 200A and 200B thru 205A and 205B.

These came without dynamic brakes, as the operating area didn't require them, they also came with smaller 1300 gallon fuel tanks, but a larger 1800 gallon water capacity. They were not equipped with nose mounted MU sockets. They did have the oscillating signal light, and standard ALCo PA passenger pilots, some may have later acquired pilot plows. Most look to have had the P-3 airhorn, but some (202, 209, 210) had 5 chime horns, 202 and 209 (and perhaps others) also had sheet metal 'airfoils' over the exhausts.

On the T&NO these were operated in pairs, on such trains as the Sunset, Sunbeam, Hustler, and Owl, as well as Mail trains.

On being transferred west (the 1959 batch at least) were put through Sacramento for upgrading, losing the 'classic' PA drip strip over the cab side windows, and having parts of the side grilles plated over. Some may also have received nose MU sockets, and after the 1955 introduction of dome cars, icicle breakers.

They were used on Coast Line passenger trains, or as trailing units on other trains, as they did not have ATS (Automatic Train Stop) or pilot plows.

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Prototype References:

  • Diesels of the SP, Vol 1, Alco PA's - (there were no more Volumes)
  • SP Dieselization by John Bonds Garmany
  • PA ALCo's Glamor Girl by Andy Romano - 28 color photo's (and that is just the SP stuff), plans, rosters
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Additional S Scale info courtesy James Baglien.

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