California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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SP Woodchip Gondola

Jean-Marie Syx has been busy again, this time scratch-building woodchip gons. Also using the Rick Selby article described in the March 92 MR for the ends and center sill. The car floor is constructed as a sandwich panel in which the lead weight is integrated. The sides are pretty straight forward, just a notch on one corner, glue on 4 plates and a long seam. Note the stiffeners addded in the car to avoid warping of the long car sides.

This is an attempt at a composite side woodchip gondola in 4 photos. This car used to be offered from Diamond Scale as a kit; but is as good as unfindable. So one has to build one from scratch. Luckily I had a little help from a friend of mine who owns such a car. Once again the car floor is a sandwich panel in which the lead weight is integrated. The sides are .010 styrene with .060 H columns glued on, a .060 channel at the top and a .080 L on the bottom.

Finally two photos of the above models side by side.

Image of scratchbuilt HO Scale SP Woodchip Gondola.

Model based on Rick Selby's article in the March 1992 issue of Model Railroader. I had bought enough Evergreen styrene strips to do 10 of these things, and had completed 4 of them, when E&C car shops brought out their kits. I still only have 4, but have 6 of the E&C kits.


  • Model Railroader, Mar. 1992. - Scratchbuilding article.
  • Materials as per article.
  • Floquil Boxcar red.
  • Microscale decal sheet #87-1, #87-2 and #87-3.
  • SP Freight Car Specification Sheet #23 Woodchip Cars - description and data

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