California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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this Website proudly presents Bruce Conklin's

 Western Trains Database

Database of SP Magazine References

New datafile now on-line, January 20th 2001.

with the Search Engine written by John Humphrey

Bruce has now made available the complete datafile for this database. Written in Access97, the 766k datafile is downloadable from Software Downloads. The datafile contains tables for the following: Seattle & North Coast, Western Pacific, and Nevada Railroads, the Utah Railway, and, of course, the Southern Pacific.

Bruce Conklin has kindly allowed me to present his work to the Internet community, so please give any credit, where due, to Bruce. Bruce has put a lot of effort into these databases, so deserves full credit. Also, please mail any additional references you happen to know, to Bruce Conklin

Bruce originally wrote the database for MSAccess, and is more than willing to help anybody, who is interested in setting up MSAccess databases, direct all comments/questions etc regarding databases to Bruce Conklin

John wrote the Search Engine, and deserves all the credit for this, please give credit, where due, to John Humphrey. Direct all comments/questions regarding the Search Engine to John Humphrey

If you use this Search facility, you might let me know how it worked for you, also please report any problems you have using this facility to me, Richard Percy - rather than John or Bruce.

New! Another online source: Kalmbach has recently acquired 'The Model Train Magazine Index' from Accurail. Try this link to get a list of all SP related magazine articles. New!

  • The Search Engine is very basic, and will only deal with single word searches, so no and/or/plus arguments are allowed.
  • The result of your search will be returned in Table Format, if your browser can't handle Tables and Forms, I am afraid you can't use this facility.
  • There is also no error checking, and no 'your search has failed', you will simply be given an empty Table.
  • The alpha/numeric string (ie SD40T-2) is not case sensitive, and all fields, of all records over the entire database will be searched.
  • The result of your search will be returned as a Table.
  • It is not a good idea to search with some words eg. EMD or MR, you will be returned several hundred records !!!
  • Also you cannot 'refine' a previous search, each search is a stand alone affair.

A list of Magazine abbreviations used in this database.

The Southern Pacific database currently has 3450 records

see the Magazine abbreviations also for a list of Category Headings used to classify records.

and the following field structure

|Category|Description|Magazine|Month|Year|Page|Issue|Book Reference|

Search Tips:

  • For locomotives, you can use the actual unit number eg: 2125, the type eg: sd7, pa
    for E's and F's, search for e7 or f3 or use the unit number
  • For Cabooses use the class eg: c-40- or the number
  • Use station/depot/place names
  • For Books, pick a word from the Title
  • it is even possible to search by year, eg: 1980, although if it is a unit number as well, then...
  • sw1 - will bring up articles for SW1's to SW1500's.
  • 4-8 will bring up articles for 4-8-0's to 4-8-8-2's.

Please enter the topic to search for ie millbrae and press the "Search" button.

Search for

Make sure you press the "Reset" button, before typing in a new search string.

It seems to make a difference.

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