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Southern Pacific SW1200

Fuel Tank Rebuild

SW 1200 Fuel Tank Rebuild Drawings, contains dimensional detail and requirements.

Background: It appears from studying photographs, that the SW 1200's fitted with the extended fuel tank's, have the air reservoirs mounted higher than those that have the normal size fuel tank. This is how I went about modifying the Athearn SW7 model fuel tank area, into an SW 1200 extended fuel tank model.

See the Drawing on the right, it should be reasonably clear what is involved. All measurements were eye-balled from photographs in the Joe Shine Books, and what was required to make it fit on the Athearn model.

The cast on Air Reservoirs were cut off flush with the underside of the body frame, and filed down until the original mounting slot was gone. The fuel tank area on the chassis was filed smooth of the mounting lug, and the modified Air Reservoirs were then epoxied to the chassis, having first fitted the body, to make sure that the Air Reservoirs were epoxied tight up against the body.

You can glue the extended fuel tank on, with whatever glue you fancy, or see next paragraph.

I made up the fuel tank as in the Drawings, and then drilled a clearance hole in the center, this was used to locate a hole in the bottom of the chassis fuel tank, which was drilled and tapped 2-56. This allows me to remove the fuel tank, if necessary to get to the motor mounts.

Because I filled in the bottom of the pilots, this now allows the couplers to hold the body on. You may need to come up with an alternate body mounting system.

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