California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific Caboose

Class C-50-10

'Short Body' bay window type


1 unit built

Image of SP Prototype Road Caboose C-50-10 #1.
© Tom.C.Jones

see the C-50-10 Photo Collection
for more photos.

see also C-50-10 Walkaround
for more photos.

Caboose SP #1 - Commonly thought to be a Transfer Caboose, this was in fact the Prototype for a series of Road Cabooses. SP's only example of Class C-50-10, it was built from damaged C-50-3 #4401 in 1980, and painted to match 'Orange Bird' SD40 7342. The design was based on the Missouri Pacific's 13700 class, known as a 'Short Body' bay window caboose. Frame length remained the same, but the body was shortened and it has no roof overhang. It was used to try out various paint schemes, this being one side, the Tom Jones image above show the other side to be different. No more were built probably because the cost saving was not there, and not much later cabooses started to be phased out...


Steel Caboose Overview

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