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B30/36-7 Door Arrangement

  • From: James D Thompson
  • Newsgroups: rec.models.railroad
  • Subject: Re: B36-7's
  • Date: 3 Mar 1996 20:23:58 GMT

I went and took a good long look at several photos of B23-7's, B30-7's, and B36-7's. Here's what I found.

It turns out that you don't replace any of the short doors ahead of the engine area. Instead, they 'slide' forward toward the cab.

I have had to convert David's original ASCII art to gif's, as they didn't display properly anymore. Something must have changed in the Ver. 3 browsers.

B23-7, B30-7A

Image of the hood door arrangement on B23-7 and B30-7A GE locos.

B30-7, B36-7

Image of the hood door arrangement on B30-7 and B36-7 GE locos.

David Thompson

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