California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Cotton Belt B36-7

Image of a Railpower B23-7 bodyshell, with Smokey Valley Hi-Hood conversion kit, mounted on an Athearn B-Boat chassis.

SSW B36-7 #7771, Blood Nose Scheme. This is another one of my 'built from a photo' models'. A Railpower B23-7 bodyshell was combined with a Smokey Valley #73 GE Utility cab kit, and a Smokey Valley #72 GE high Nose kit. The Hi-nose kit should have the handbrake changed to a ratchet type to be accurate. All this was placed on an Athearn B-boat chassis, with Smokey Valley GE FB-2 type sideframes. All these SV parts should now be available from Detail Associates. I used the Athearn stanchions that came with the loco kit, and 20 thou brass wire for the handrails.

Floquil paint and Microscale #87-447 and #87-527 decals.

Andy Hauser has contributed a kitbashing article for the #7771. The model has received NMRA division and regional awards including a Merit Award in April 1998.

Modeling one of these will require converting a B23/30-7 model. To be accurate you may need to rearrange the hood doors.


N Scale:

  • Possible kitbash from an Atlas B30-7

HO Scale:

  • Bachmann B23-7/B30-7
  • Rail Power Products B23-7
  • Possible kitbash from an Atlas B30-7

O Scale:

  • ?

Model References:

  • Railroad Model Craftsman August 1998 pages 60 to 66 - plans, history and roster
  • Railroad Model Craftsman August 1998 pages 67 to 71 - modeling a Conrail B30-7

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