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Southern Pacific GP40P-2



3 units delivered

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3199 3199
7600 7600 7600 7600 7600
7601 7601 7601 7601

(C) 1997 Ken Perry.
Undated photo of 7601 at West Colton (confirmed) showing that at least this unit has had the steam gen. removed altogether. © Ken Perry 1997.

If your into nitpicky type details, I have a breakdown of the GP40 family and their relevant features. Click here if your brave.

SP EMD GP40P-2 Walkaround

The three SP GP40P-2's were bought in 1974, for commute service between San Francisco and San Jose. They were delivered with almost every EMD and Espee option except the Tunnel Motor radiator, and even this was considered, though weight restrictions put a stop to that.

After Caltrain took over the commute service, these units went to Texas to work stone trains out of San Antonio, as they were originally equipped with small combination fuel/water tanks, They later received 3600 gallon fuel tanks, after which they went into the general freight pool.

One of these units 3197, was painted in Bicentennial colors in 1976 , and the unit is included on the Microscale sheet #87-835.

Additional Info from Stan Rothwell: SP purchased 3 passenger variants of the GP40-2 in 1974 for executive trains and backup for the San Francisco-San Jose commute service, allowing (with the SDP45's and passenger GP9's) for the retirement of the FM Train Masters in 1974-75. The 3197 was painted red/white/blue for the Bicentennial, then back to red/gray c.1980. The steam generators were either removed or disconnected, and these units were renumbered 7600-7602 and put in the freight pool c.1985.

Correction from Rickey Hall: #3197 was actually repainted to red and gray in 1983.


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